Product review: Elemis Pro-Definition Day Cream

If you’re like me and you suffer from what beauty editors call ‘problem’ skin, you probably know how hard it is to find products that actually work for your skin type.

I’m cursed with very dry skin, a problem that’s made worse by the fact I’m on medication for a chronic medical condition and one of the side effects is that it dries out your skin, hair and nails. I’m also over 35, so not only do I have dry skin, I have what’s termed ‘mature’ skin. Fine lines on my forehead and a few developing age spots on my cheeks mean that my skincare needs have become rather specific. I can’t just walk into Boots and buy whatever face cream I fancy, I have to actually Think About It.

And it can get rather depressing when something I’ve tried doesn’t work. There was a point where I was convinced that the girls on the beauty counters in my local department store would hide when they saw me coming as I would be begging for testers – again – for another product that wouldn’t work on my weird skin type.

I was quite pleased when the tester for the Elemis Pro-Definition Day Cream landed with my copy of Harper’s Bazaar. I love when magazines give out tester size face creams – it means I haven’t got to trawl the beauty counters and I get a decent amount of product to give it a proper chance to work its magic on my skin.

This is it:

A small but perfectly formed tester tube. It’s certainly appealing to the eye.

My first thought was ‘that’s really nice packaging’. Yes, I’m swayed by packaging. Who isn’t? I love Elemis packaging and products anyway (I use their Pro Collagen Marine Cream as a night cream and their Pro-Collagen Eye Renewal as well) but I hadn’t come across this cream before.

The day cream I had been using on a regular basis was an Olay one and it was running out, so it was a convenient time for the little Elemis tester to drop into my lap. I finished up the Olay one and started on this one about two weeks ago, and goodness me.

What a difference!

After two weeks of use, my skin is actually soft. It feels like there’s moisture in my skin now, and it doesn’t suck the cream up the instant I put it on. You don’t need to use much of this cream either to cover your whole face, so even though the full size ones are pretty pricey, they will last for a good long while.

My skin feels so much better after I’ve put this on. It’s smoother and I have noticed a difference when I apply my makeup after using this cream. My foundation has a tendency to flake because my skin is so dry, usually around lunchtime, but after using this cream, I didn’t start to flake until about 5pm, which is a real achievement for my skin.

I’m not sure if my fine lines have improved any since I’ve been using it, but I’m not really concerned with that. I’m more concerned with the fact that it actually has softened and moisturised my icky, dry, nasty flaky skin to the point where I don’t have to reapply my entire face of makeup after half a day. And it’s more astonishing to me that this has been achieved with such a small amount of product.

It also smells good. I know some people don’t like the smell of face cream but this one has a really nice, subtle scent to it. It’s a lovely texture as well – nice and light, which given the fact we’ve been on Heatwave for the past four days has been great. Heavy creams, which are what most people with dry skin use, belong in the winter.

So, yes, I rate this cream. Really, really rate this cream. I can’t promise it will work for you the way it has done for me (everyone is different, after all) but when the little tester tube runs out, you will definitely find me at the local Elemis counter buying a full size tub of this. It’s a gem. And when you’ve got problem skin, finding something this good is like finding treasure.

(Please note: this is my own opinion of this product. I have not earned any income from this review, nor am I affiliated in any way with the brand. I just love this cream and had to share!)

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