Old faithful.

Let’s face it, there’s days when we all wake up and just think ‘nope’. Those days we roll over, slam the snooze button and pull the duvet over our heads. We don’t even want to leave the bed, let alone have to think about what to wear, what to make for lunch and, worst of all, work.

And, to cap it all, you’ve overslept anyway, like I did this morning.

Days like this (usually Mondays) call for an outfit that we literally do not have to use our brains for. Something we’ve probably owned for ages, worn more times than we want to admit and that we know just works.

This is mine:


It’s a pretty simple outfit. Striped tee and dark bootcut jeans. If I was a video game character this would be my ‘default’ outfit on the character selection screen. This outfit has seen me through more than one ‘nope’ day, and it’s great because it works for all seasons.

For warmer days, I tend to wear it as you see in the photo – just the tee and the jeans, with some sandals or a simple flat in either cream or dark blue. For colder weather, a long sleeve white top can be put underneath the tee and a leather jacket slung over it as a cover up. Shoe choice for a chillier day would be either a pointed flat in cream or blue like before or, if it’s raining or we’re in the depths of winter, an ankle boot in tan or a dark brown. Brown boots and dark denim just work so well together.

The tee is from a brand called Seasalt. I discovered them whilst on holiday in Bath a few years ago and I was instantly a fan. Their vibe is very nautical, which suits me just fine (I love all things to do with the sea and boats) and the quality of the clothes and the pricing of the range is great. They are also consistent with their sizing – I know I’m a size 10 in whatever garment I choose. This is a small victory to have found a brand like this, because my size can swing between an 8 and a 12 in the same shop so to find a brand that cuts so perfectly is fantastic for me.

The one thing I dislike about them is that we don’t yet have a Seasalt store here up in Surrey, although there are a few boutiques that stock a limited range. I visit Bath once a year and the Seasalt store is often my first stop!

The jeans are just good old Marks and Spencer. They do good jeans. Everyone in the UK knows they can trust M&S for a decent pair of comfy jeans. And comfort is important when you’re having a ‘nope’ clothing day.

Shoes, too, are important on ‘nope’ days. I chose trainers today, more specifically my old blue and white Adidas Supernovas. I think they’re coming up for ten years old now, and I probably should replace them, but I can’t bring myself to because they’re like clouds on my feet. I suffer from back pain and there was no way I wasn’t wearing soft, squishy trainers today!

Hopefully tomorrow will be a better day. But it’s nice to know that there’s something in my wardrobe that I can grab to wear on days when putting together a full ensemble of ‘people clothes’ is too much.

(Please note: my opinions on the brands mentioned in this post are my own and I was not paid anything to promote them.)


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