A day in my life – ten pictures

This is a blog post idea I found somewhere among those lists of ‘ideas for blog posts’ and I thought it would be quite fun to do. This is what I did yesterday, Thursday August 10th, so follow me around while I have my day.

My day starts at 6am with feeding this little furry faced fluff dispenser:


Hi Dobby, you’re famous again!

Then I have my own breakfast, plus meds. Steroids today because I’m in a flare up – crohns is amazing and I hate it. These things taste like wet paper, by the way. I wouldn’t wish them on anyone.


I relaxed in bed for a little bit, then I got up and brushed my teeth and got dressed. Today’s outfit was my usual outfit of jeans and a black top, so didn’t really warrant a photo.

I was meeting a friend for brunch, so off I went into town. This is the bridge from my village over the canal into the town proper.


That’s The Peacocks Centre on the left and you can just see the cricketer statues that guard the bridge in this photo. They’re the Bedser brothers, local heroes and some big deal in the cricket world. I know nothing about cricket so… yeah. Sorry. Can’t elaborate on them.

I was early to meet my friend, so I sat down on the benches in the town square and waited for her. Behold the random giant statues that are currently in Woking, related to an exhibition that’s happening at a local art gallery.


Friend arrived soon after this was taken and off we went for brunch. We went to Café Rouge, which is really nice. I’ve got a croque monsieur and a black coffee here because I’m boring and predictable.


We did a spot of shopping after brunch and I got my glasses fixed. Insert joke about loose screw here. Friend had to go home after a while so I went and ran some more boring errands.

Done with my errands at the bank and such, so walked home – I decided to treat myself to something tasty from Fuel, my favourite juice/smoothie bar:


Home after about twenty minutes, and I was going to do some work, but I actually had already done everything I needed to, so time for Pioneer Woman and a relax:


Snuggle time with Dobby after dinner, which was tempura chicken. He tried to steal a bit and didn’t like it. The face of a sad cat who actually found a food he didn’t like:


After a shower and a quick tidy-up round the room, time for half an hour of reading my current book, American Gods by Neil Gaiman. I decided to read it before I watch the TV show and so far I’m really enjoying it.


Then off to bed with another handful of medication, this time my azathioprine for my crohns. Keeps me alive, I can’t complain.


So, that was a day in my life! Not every day is like this – mostly they’re spent at my laptop working on my business (like today), but sometimes I go into town, meet up with friends or do boring things like cleaning, laundry… the usual life admin that everyone has to do. And today was a good day. Sometimes my crohns can really catch me out and give me a horrible day where all I can do is sit in bed. Luckily I can work while I’m in bed because of my laptop, but it still really sucks. And after nearly six months of being constantly ill or in some level of pain every day, I’m really beginning to appreciate those days when I can get up and do the simple things, like meeting my friend for brunch. Being chronically ill makes you realise that every day is very precious, no matter what you achieve.

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