What’s In My Handbag?

Another prompt from a blog post ideas list – what’s in my handbag? There will be more prompt posts upcoming, and that’s because I’m having some health issues again and until I’m properly well, I’m not able to creatively think beyond a prompt list, so please bear with me until normal service has been resumed. I’m sticking to my schedule of two posts a week just to get in the blogging practice, so thank you for your patience!

Anyway, here we are with a brief tour of what’s in my handbag. This is the bag itself, a rather fancy summery number from Debenhams that I’m stubbornly still using in defiance of the cloudy weather. The autumn handbag doesn’t come out the cupboard until I say so. This bag is impressively big, and on top of what I’m about to show you, I can easily get a litre bottle of water, a sandwich and a bag of crisps in here without a struggle. It’s a great handbag, and I need to find a winter one of a comparable size.


And now, the contents. Let’s start with what’s in the back pocket.

A purse containing what’s left of my birthday money (it’s cute, it looks like a postcard) and my RFID wallet that has my contactless credit card and debit card in it. The point of these wallets is to stop people from skimming your card details from the contactless chip. I’m a little skeptical about if they work or not but so far so good. And it keeps my cards organised too, so even if it doesn’t work, everything is organised and that pleases me.


In the main body of the bag we have: my purse, which I got from Radley years ago, my white makeup bag which has mostly painkillers and plasters in it, my diary, my second lovely green velvet monogrammed makeup bag containing daily necessaries for coping with crohns, and my sunglasses from Michael Kors. Not very interesting, really, and probably a snapshot of what most women carry around on a daily basis.


So that’s the neat, tidy, acceptable-to-post stuff in the handbag, but every woman has a lot of extra crap that she lugs around. I don’t believe these ‘what’s in my bag’ posts that are perfectly tidy – my bag is normally a graveyard of receipts and other random things.

So here is the random detritus that resides in my bag beside the big important stuff:


Blister plasters, a pile of receipts and shopping lists, a small green notepad, my fan for when I overheat, my Frozen notepad which is currently filled with the names of paint samples I want to get (we’re redecorating), tissues, car keys (yes I am boring, yes I own a Volvo), house keys and my business cards which are sitting on the business card holder you can just see underneath them.

I must have had a clearout recently of this bag because it’s usually filled with petrol receipts, pens, sweet wrappers and random other pieces of paper, not to mention a handful of change (I have a bad habit of just tossing coins into the body of my bag) and a lot more used tissues than are visible here.

The large key you can see in the picture on the South Park and CEX keyring is what’s known as a Radar key, for those that might have thought I live in some awesome house with a Hogwarts-style giant door lock. It’s for opening those locked disabled bathrooms that are a feature of towns and some public venues in the UK. The key is available to anyone who needs it (you have to apply with a reason for why you need one) and comes with a book telling you the location of these locked bathrooms, which is incredibly handy. I have one because of my crohns, and if you have any kind of limiting disability I recommend that you get one. Knowing that you don’t have to queue for a bathroom when you’re out shopping or sightseeing makes the trip a lot less stressful, not to mention saving you 30p every time you go to a train station and need to use the facilities. There are some perks to having a chronic illness!

So, that’s my handbag. I’m now going to turf out the papers and receipts that I definitely don’t need anymore. Maybe these tag posts are a good thing if they make me tidy up my messes! What’s in YOUR bag, ladies? Be honest!

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