What I wore today

Good old British summertime. We’ve gone from a heatwave, which is when I last did one of these outfit posts, to epic rain, to ‘I wish I’d worn a jacket’ cold. Today it’s rainy and muggy at the same time. It’s weird outside – I’ve just been to the supermarket to stock up for the week and for our trip away this coming weekend and I got rained on whilst the sun was shining and it was hot AND cold within fifty yards of where I parked the car. It’s overcast and grey now, but again, really muggy.

Make your mind up, weather!

So with the fact the weather is being really confusing today, getting dressed involved some thought. I couldn’t just toss on a t-shirt, because I might need a jacket. Shorts? Nope, it might be too windy. Long sleeved top? Might be too warm. What to wear!

In the end I opted for this:


It’s a slim knit embellished black sweater that I’ve had for years, and as you can see I decided to wear it with my usual dark jeans. The jumper is quite thin, and it’s three-quarter sleeve, so it’s easy enough to wear on a day when temperatures are wildly variable. The radio was saying that it was going to be 24 degrees later – given how muggy it was when I was unpacking the car just now, I can believe that. Black flats were the shoe choice of the day – light and simple. I didn’t think it was warm enough for sandals but I think I might have been wrong.

A thin knit sweater is a good piece to see you through a ‘what?’ weather day like today. Unless it turns tropically hot, it won’t overheat you, and if the wind does pick up or the temperature drops, the fact it’s wool will offer just that little bit of warmth that you need to stave off the worst of the cold. It also will see you through those transitional days at the end of August and beginning of September, where the temperature is dropping slowly but the days can still be warm. And when it does get colder, layer a vest underneath to add to the warmth and pop a leather bomber over the top if it’s cold enough for a jacket. A jumper like this can really be worn year-round, depending on how fine the knit is.

This summer has been extremely confusing when I’ve had to work out what to wear. I honestly would almost have preferred the heatwave to stay, because then I could have lived in my floaty dresses and shorts, instead of wondering if I needed to take a jacket when I stepped outside. But such are the delights of living in England – we never know quite what the weather will do!

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