Autumn/Winter Fashion Trends


It’s September. Summer is done, and we’re all back at work and school, our vacation days on a sunny Spanish beach just a hazy memory and a collection of slightly blurred Facebook photos.

It’s also the month when the autumn/winter fashion really takes over the shops, and the September issues of the fashion magazines are full of the trends for the new season. But a new season doesn’t mean you have to replace everything you already own. You can update what you already have, especially if your wardrobe is full of classic pieces.

So what’s out there to update your wardrobe this upcoming autumn and winter? These are my personal favourites, and I will be shopping for these shortly.

Statement Boots

This was first seen on the catwalks with ‘those’ incredible Saint Laurent boots – the ‘disco boots’ as I call them – and has filtered down to the high street. While there are glitter boots out there, if you want to go crazy, there are plenty of other statement boots out there that are not quite so glitzy but still make an impact. Floral embroidery, buckles, bold colours – Office has a fantastic selection, as does New Look, and I’m quite torn over which pair to buy. Just make sure you can walk in them, and take into account the British weather when you’re buying them. You don’t want to ruin an amazing pair of boots because of something as simple as bad weather.

Navy is the new black

Or at least as an option instead of all-black everything. As someone who revels in all things nautical, there’s a good few navy pieces in my wardrobe already, so I will be looking for more items to go with them. Navy looks best accessorised with gold, so maybe think about a navy shift dress with a statement belt, or a navy blazer with gold buttons. In fact, all shades of blue seem to be available on the high street this season. Royal blue is prevalent, and there are pieces in LK Bennett and Reiss that really stood out when I was walking around town. There’s a shade of deep blue for everyone this season!


I’m glad this is still a thing, because I adore my blush pink velvet outfit. It seems that velvet this time around is more tailored than before, so it’s time to nip in the waist of my jacket and find a velvet camisole in a contrasting colour to wear underneath. There’s also a lot of burgundy around, and a burgundy velvet piece would look absolutely sumptuous. Think gothic fairy tale rather than Victorian smoking jacket, and you can’t go wrong.

The Beret

Bonjour! Vive la beret, hat beloved of the French and art students. In all seriousness, I adore these little hats, and one will be finding its way into my cupboard shortly. I’ve seen about six I want to buy, so it’s a question of deciding which one. And, of course, black or navy? Oh, the choices!


You’ve all seen my embellished black sweater, and I’m happy to say that the trend isn’t going away. The magazines gave this as more of an eveningwear trend, but I say wear it during the day if you like. And when you do go out, make sure it’s bold. Embellished everything is acceptable – bags, jackets, sweaters, boots… heck, even your phone case if you want! Just make sure that it’s not too garish and that you won’t be mistaken for wearing a Christmas sweater in September.

What’s your favourite trend this season, readers? What are you going to be shopping for?


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