Basics: Black Flats

We’ve all seen those lists of ‘ten things a woman needs in her wardrobe’ or ‘key pieces’ that the magazines and the experts think everyone should have. I personally like them, as they give people an outline of things that form the backbone of a wardrobe that they can then select the correct variation from for their body shape.

I think there ought to be more lists of footwear, though. All these ‘ten things’ lists are clothing, but there are some kinds of shoe that would universally work for everyone, and people should consider having a pair of in their core collection.

Like a good pair of black flats.


I bought these today, after my old pair finally gave up the ghost. They will be missed, they served me well over the two years I owned them, and the replacements are almost identical. They’re from the same shop as well – New Look seem to have used my foot as a template for their size 5 shoes. I’ve never found any other shop where I know I can go in, pick up a 5, slide it on my foot and have it fit like a glove first time.

They’re also reasonably priced and good quality too. £18.99 for these lovelies.

There are literally hundreds of variations on the theme of ‘black flat shoe’ out there. Pointed toe, rounded toe, leather, patent, suede, canvas… the list goes on. It’s really down to personal preference which one you buy. I’ve always liked these suede-type fabrics just for how wonderfully soft they feel on the foot. And pointed toes suit me far better than a rounded toe – I think having relatively small feet, I like the illusion that they’re a little longer.

These types of shoe go with pretty much anything. No, scratch that – they go with EVERYTHING. I cannot think of a single outfit I own that these shoes wouldn’t go with. From my jeans to my evening dresses, these shoes would work perfectly.

They’re also a good driving shoe. Thin soles are a must for proper car control. You can also run for the bus or the train in them, as I have done many times. Beware of styles that are low-cut on the toe if you are running for public transport though – those that are cut higher will stay on your feet better and you won’t run out of them. Into a puddle. In front of a bus queue packed with commuters. Yeah.

These really are my go-to shoes if I can’t decide what to put on my feet in the morning. They’re always to hand, and I have to go outside in my garden, I’ll even slip them on then. Popping round next door for a cuppa? On go the black flats. They even look good with my painting trousers, and I’ve been wearing my old pair while we’ve been redecorating this summer.

I highly recommend that every lady have a pair of black flats in their shoe collection. The style and fabric are up to you, but once you’ve found a pair, I guarantee you’ll be putting them on your ‘forever repurchase’ list.

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