The Great Redecorating Fiasco of 2017

Good grief.

I posted a little while ago about my awesome new desk, and how I finally had a workspace, and yay, and office, and everything.

That lasted about a day, because pretty much as soon as the desk came, this happened:


In our wisdom, we decided to redecorate the ENTIRE living room… after the desk had arrived.

It’s been an interesting couple of weeks. I’ve learned more than I’d like to about paint and painting, mainly that next time we do this, we’re paying out for a decorator. Don’t ever paint your own house, folks. It’s not worth it, not when there’s hundreds of people that will do it for you, costing you money but saving your sanity.

We’ve repainted the room in a mixture of Farrow and Ball and Crown colours. The F&B paint is the darkest wall in the photo above – it’s a colour called Archive and it’s a gorgeous coffee colour. The Crown colour, which the rest of the room is painted in, is called Pavilion, and it’s just a shade down from Archive, another coffee colour that looks beautiful. The difference between the two shades isn’t that obvious sometimes, but when the light falls in the right place, like it has in the photo above, you can really see the difference between the two colours.


Also, while I remember, the disposable plastic paint trays from Homebase (pictured above) are absolute lifesavers. You can chuck them away after you’re done with them which saves on cleaning. They’re pretty sturdy as well, although I’d recommend putting them inside another tray of some kind if you’re filling them with a lot of paint, as they can flex and spill a little. They come in two sizes and we used the larger size. I’m all for an easy life and not having to wash a paint tray out is definitely a nice shortcut.

Application-wise, the Crown paint went on easier than the F&B did. We prepped the whole room correctly, but we needed three coats of F&B as opposed to two coats of Crown. I know each paint brand has its own formula but we thought the F&B one would be a two-coat maximum. It also didn’t work with our usual foamy-paddle-thing applicator, which was a shame, because the whole thing took longer than it should have. We’d use the brand again, but, like I mentioned above, we’re getting in a decorator!

Anyway, the room has been painted, and on Thursday our new bookcase showed up!


Ta da! Isn’t it fab? This matches the desk, and we’re just waiting for a sideboard and my office chair to show up and the room will be completed.

And I can work. And we will never, ever, EVER redecorate a room after the furniture has arrived, and we will never, ever, EVER redecorate a room without having a professional do it for us. Family comes first, and a can of paint should not cause so much stress.

(Huge thanks to the team at Vale Furnishers, Ash Vale, Surrey for the beautiful furniture and for building the desk and the bookcase. Much appreciated!)


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