Lovely Surrey: Nicola Light Photography

You might have noticed that the ‘About’ pages on my business site and on the blog have suddenly sprouted pictures.

Pictures of me!

I will say to you all now that I really, really don’t like having my photo taken. In the past I have had photos of me commented on in a less than kind way and I tend to avoid cameras unless I’m taking a selfie.

But for business purposes, I needed to get a set of headshots done, so I sat down at my laptop, gathered my courage and started looking for a photographer.

I didn’t want a boring, corporate, expressionless-on-a-white-background headshot, so quite a few of the local options were eliminated. They had good portfolios but they didn’t ‘speak’ to me, or I didn’t like their style. I like headshots where you can really see the subject’s personality shine through, and that’s when I discovered Nicola Light.

Her portfolio was what drew me in. Every single picture on there, whether it was a headshot or a family photograph, had so much expression, personality and life that I knew I had to have my photographs done by her.

I booked my session and yesterday, September 12th, was the big day! I will admit I was quite nervous but it turned out I didn’t have to worry at all. It was a really good experience!

I managed to get lost (thank you, Siri, for not knowing the difference between left and right) and after a very apologetic phone call to her, I arrived (slightly late) at her lovely house in the Surrey countryside.

Nicola discussed what I wanted and explained how the shoot would work, then we moved into her gorgeous garden to start. Having a camera pointed at me was nowhere near as nerve-wracking as I had thought it was going to be. Nicola has a very warm personality and soon I was relaxing and enjoying myself being on what for me is the wrong side of the camera! I’m used to being behind it, checking that hems and ruffles are where they should be, so being in front of it is a rather alien experience. Nicola really put me at ease and I was surprised how much I was enjoying it.

Nicola is very good at making her subjects smile – I always think I smile in a fake sort of ‘I don’t want to but I’ve been told to smile’ way when I’m having photographs done, but she made me laugh, which made the smiles far more natural. Special mention to her cat, who was often out of shot doing Cat Things and helping me smile even more!

After the shoot, we went into her office to view the photographs and select the best ones. There were so many really good ones it was difficult to narrow the selection down, but the four you see below are the final ones:

Bathe-Taylor Low Resolution Files September 2017-2Bathe-Taylor Low Resolution Files September 2017-1Bathe-Taylor Low Resolution Files September 2017-3Bathe-Taylor Low Resolution Files September 2017-4

These are without a doubt the best photographs of me that have ever been taken. I love every single one of them and Nicola has managed to make me look natural, awake and, best of all, has given me a set of headshots that aren’t super-corporate and generic. They have personality – I feel like I am looking at me, and not some constructed board-room appropriate version of myself.

I would definitely recommend Nicola to anyone who wants photographs done, for any purpose. She is a very talented photographer, a lovely person to talk to and if you’re at all nervous about having a camera pointed at you, she will help you relax and enjoy the experience.

Visit Nicola’s website here – Nicola Light Photography – and get yourself a set of headshots done with her gorgeous garden as a backdrop. Rest assured that when I decide to update these, Nicola will be my first port of call.



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