My Top Ten Wardrobe Must-Haves


We’ve all got those ‘go to’ pieces that are forever in our wardrobes, and when they wear out, we go and buy a new one that’s either exactly the same or at least similar. People often ask me what I have as my core collection in my wardrobe, so in the interests of science, I’ve been through my wardrobe and come up with ten pieces that I have relied upon for years and keep replacing over and over when they wear out.

Leather jacket

I have two of these – a thin bomber-style and a thicker, sheepskin lined one with a big fuzzy collar for when it’s cold. Leather jackets are the ultimate versatile cover up, and whatever style or colour they are, you can rely on a leather jacket to pull an outfit together.

Dark blue bootcut jeans

I’ve always worn dark denim. I really don’t like the lighter washes, and I’ve been buying dark blue, bootcut jeans since my early teens, which is over twenty years ago now. They suit me perfectly, and I honestly can’t imagine ever replacing them with another style or colour. I have tried other styles and they just don’t look right. Bootcuts forever!

Breton top

Breton tops are a classic piece that have been around forever, and I’ve run through more than a few during my adult life. Currently on one with dark blue stripes rather than black because I was feeling nautical when I bought it, and I suspect another one will find its way into my wardrobe shortly.

Black flats

These got their own post last week, and as expected, the new pair is being worn with everything!

Vest tops

Worn under a thicker jumper during winter or alone during the ferocious heat of the summer months, a selection of vest tops in various colours are a staple in my wardrobe and have been for years.


I have three. I probably don’t need three, but I wear them quite frequently. I have a white one, a black one and a tweed one. A blazer is an easy way to make a casual outfit a little sharper, maybe for an unexpected lunch date. They look good over Breton tops!

Dark floral dress

You’ve seen this before too. I could not survive the summer without this dress. Long may it live.

A big fuzzy sweater

It’s pink, it’s got a heart on it and it sheds fluff everywhere, but I adore my fuzzy sweater. I recently bought a new one which is a sort of pinky-grey colour, so now I have two big cuddly jumpers to hibernate through winter in.

Black Shift Dress

I think most women have one of these in some form or another. A black shift dress will see you through most social or professional situations. Mine is from Hobbs and I’ve had it for about seven years now. Dress it up, dress it down, wear it every which way you please and you will never be under or over-dressed. This dress last had an outing for a concert I was playing in and it’s going to a party soon, so it really does work for every occasion.

Ankle boots

Another autumn/winter staple, these are the workhorses of my wardrobe in the cooler months. I run through a pair a year because I wear them almost daily in the autumn and winter and the cooler days of spring. It’s worth investing in a good pair of ankle boots. Your feet will thank you.


This is by no means a ‘capsule’ wardrobe – I love clothes far too much to ever have one of those wardrobes of about eighteen pieces that can all be worn together – but these are the staples that make up the core of my wardrobe. What’s great about them is that they can be mixed and matched with pretty much anything. The styles may change slightly as the pieces get updated and trends move on (and my shape changes too as I age), but these items will forever be in my wardrobe in some form or another.

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