Five Reasons Knitwear Is King

img_5319The weather’s turned, and autumn is here. Hurrah!

From my perspective, this is a great thing. I don’t really like the heat of summer very much, and I struggle to find clothes to wear in hot weather. When the weather starts to cool, and I can get my knitwear out again, I am filled with joy. People often ask me why I’m such a fan of jumpers and other knits, so I’ve put together a list of five reasons why I will always love knitwear.

It works for everyone

There is literally a jumper or a cardigan style out there for anyone, regardless of size or shape or skin tone. Fine knit, round neck, chunky knit, v-neck – I doubt very much that people can’t find some sort of knitwear to suit them.

It covers all budgets

From a £5 jumper on the high street to the high end cashmeres that cost triple figures, knitwear is the one thing that anyone on any budget can afford. Charity shops even have great knitwear selections at this time of year, if your budget is really stretched. On the high street, I’d recommend checking out French Connection and H&M this season – they seem to have a ton of deliciously comfortable and stylish jumpers to suit everyone. The jumper I’m wearing in the photograph is from French Connection, and I got one similar from H&M. Primark seems to have their usual collection of reliable, reasonably-priced cardigans again this season. In short, there’s tons of knitwear out there that anyone can afford. Go nuts.

It’s warm

Well, yes, obviously, and this is the main reason to wear it. Fine knits can be layered with other pieces, and a chunky cardigan thrown over an outfit will keep you cosy even in the worst of the cold. Snuggle up!

It works for day or evening wear

It honestly does. There are knitted dresses out there that would look great on date night, but work equally well as day wear or even for the office depending on how you accessorise them. Likewise cardigans can range from super-casual and plain for every day to embellished and oh-so-sparkly for a cover-up on a night out. A plain black dress can be elevated by an embellished shrug or even a shawl.

It’s comforting

If you’re having a crap day, or you’re ravaged with flu or you’ve had some bad news, curling up with a cuddly jumper and a cup of your favourite hot beverage is guaranteed to make you feel better. Or if not better then at least it will provide some comfort to you. Oversized jumpers and cosy socks are recommended for days when what you need is a blanket fort and a kitten.


So that’s why I adore knitwear – do you guys love it? Let me know why!

(Please note the shop recommendations in this post are my own – I have not been paid to advertise them!)


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