Lovely Surrey: Woking Arts Fair 2017

This past Saturday, October 7th, it was the Woking Arts Fair. This is an annual event run by Woking Arts Hub, which is a local networking and support organisation for artists and arts organisations in Woking borough.

woking arts fair 2017
Woking Arts Fair 2017

It was held in Mercia Walk (right outside Starbucks – not too far to travel for caffeine fixes!) and there were many different stalls to look at and activities to participate in.

We had Woking Community Play Association, where you could star in your own mini murder mystery. Of course I had to have a go (I’m a member of the Community Play Association anyway, but I never pass up the opportunity to wear a ridiculous hat in public):

Victoria & Hat[704]

Fabulous. This was the hat used for the character of Lady Salmonella. I think she was my favourite of all the characters in the mini-murder-mystery. Photo by Tim Matthews.

There were Epworth Choir and Woking Choral Society, for people who like to sing:

There was Caroline Rutter, a fabulous local glass artist. I could have bought everything she had on her stand but I didn’t. Her work is glorious, just look at it:


Local artists Sarah Cox, Hannah Bruce (also representing Woking Society of Arts), Louise Hartley and George Otto were also in attendance with their wonderful paintings.

Sarah Cox
Hannah Bruce
Louise Hartley
George Otto

Plus there was also Newson Academy of Speech & Drama, a local performing arts school:


And finally my personal favourite because she does cat pictures, local artist Val Thorpe:


Everything she does is gorgeous. Actually, everything everyone did at the fair was wonderful. We have some very talented artists in the Woking area!

The Lightbox, our local museum and art gallery, also had a presence at the fair and Dance Woking were doing displays and workshops in the not-square outside the Peacocks. Musical entertainment was provided throughout the day from the Surrey Ukeaholics, CameronDuo (piano and cello) and Alice Thompson (pianist). Unfortunately I didn’t get any photos of the musicians, the Lightbox stand or Dance Woking – I was helping run the Arts Hub reception table and troubleshooting the day, so I was rather busy! I may have missed a stand. If I have, and you were there, let me know!

Despite the dismal weather it was a good day, with plenty to see and plenty to do. Hopefully next year the fair will be bigger and better, as more local artists find us and want to exhibit their work at the Fair.

The Arts Hub is open to all artists and arts organisations, regardless of medium. Photographers, digital artists, knitters, crocheters, papercrafters… get in touch, join the Hub and help keep Woking arty.

Woking Arts Hub can be found at 

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