Product Review: Kawaii Enterprise Brush Cleaning Egg

I clean my makeup brushes either every Sunday or every other Sunday depending on how busy or forgetful I am. For years I’ve been doing it the same way, and using my fingers to scrub out the makeup that’s caked in the brush. It takes a while to do, and my hands and nails end up pretty gross at the end of it. It’s a messy task, but one that needs to be done. Clean makeup brushes are better for your skin, after all.

I’d been thinking about getting some kind of tool to make cleaning easier, but hadn’t got round to it. Luckily, and as I mentioned on Monday’s post, this month’s Glossybox provided.

Meet the Kawaii Enterprise Brush Cleaning Egg.


Bit of an odd looking thing, isn’t it? But it’s really, really useful and it works incredibly well. It’s made of rubber, it’s squishy and there’s a hole at the base for you to pop your fingers in it to hold it. 

So, let’s get started. As it is every Sunday, here’s the pile of my brushes awaiting their weekly bath and my little container with washing up liquid and olive oil in it:


I use washing up liquid and olive oil because my brush collection has both natural and synthetic fibre brushes in it, and this is the only cleaning liquid I’ve found that works nicely on both. Plus it’s cheap! You don’t need fancy olive oil or fancy washing up liquid – economy brands work just fine.

By far the nastiest brush in that pile is my concealer brush, shamefully hiding behind my pink-handled Real Techniques brush in the photo above. It gets cleaned first because it takes the longest to wash and has the most makeup on it. I added some water to the washing up liquid/olive oil mix and in went the brush:


Be clean, foul one! It’s only that grim because I use a really thick concealer (Benefit Boing) to cover up my crummy skin. Anyway, it’s having a little soak here.

After the bristles were wet, I took it out and, as instructed, rubbed it across the Egg.



You’re meant to rub the brush on just the dots to get it clean, but I wondered what would happen if I rubbed it across the ridges, seeing as the brush really is That Nasty. You can see the colour the foam turned for yourself – that’s quite revolting. Also the dots aren’t really that big a surface for cleaning on, so I think using the whole ridged surface makes more sense. It certainly gets all the crud out of your brushes quickly!

I rinsed the Egg and rubbed the brush over the ridges again but this time under running water. This got rid of the lather and rinsed the brush out nicely. Behold, one almost-like-new concealer brush! It’s so clean. And it felt gorgeous on Monday morning when I applied my makeup.


It took me hardly any time to clean the rest of my brushes. Here they are chilling on the windowsill drying out after a going-over from the Egg:


One thing I will say is that if you have a brush that’s got a very fluffy head on it, the Egg is fab because you can really get down into the root of the bristles to scrub out any nastiness stuck down there. It also scrubs out any loose bristles – my MAC blusher brush (second from bottom) is shedding like crazy because it’s rather old, but the Egg effectively took out what it’s losing. Yesterday I wasn’t trying to pick loose bristles out of my makeup or off my face after I’d used the brush. That was a really nice surprise.

The Egg is one of the most excellent products I’ve ever tried. If you didn’t get one from the Glossybox, I recommend you hunt one down. It cleans brushes in seconds, gets right into the roots and is easy to clean and dry after use. And seeing as we all need to clean our brushes, I’m all for a tool that makes the task easier.

(All opinions in this review are my own and I have not been paid for this review.)

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