The Magic of Red Lipstick

I’m not a girl who usually wears much lipstick. In the past, I’ve always found that it comes off far too easily and I’m too lazy to reapply it, so I thought ‘what’s the point of even wearing it then?’ and stopped using it. Now I only ever wear it for evening events, and even then it usually falls off my face so I tend not to bother. The last time I recall really making an effort with lipstick was a launch party at Porsche last year, and even then the lipstick fell off after a few canapes and a glass of champagne, making me wonder, yet again, why I’d bothered.

So lipstick was never really on my radar, until I took my mum shopping a few weeks ago and ended up being introduced to this:


It’s a beautiful red lippy from Clarins. I only own a couple of Clarins things (my primer and their Beauty Flash balm, which literally picks your face up from off the floor and makes you look like you’ve slept) and wasn’t familiar with their makeup. Mum loves the brand so she was happily shopping for what she needed when the counter lady asked if I’d like to try this lipstick.

This is the colour:


I was a bit hesitant at first, not thinking I’d suit a red lipstick, but I gave in and let myself have my lips painted.


I wish I was more inclined to take selfies because this was definitely selfie-worthy. I looked like some Fifties pin-up girl instead of my usual relatively neutral self. The red actually suited me, which I hadn’t thought it would. I felt so amazing. The confidence boost the lipstick gave me was crazy. I felt like I was the most fabulous person in the world at that point. Possibly exaggerating, but it was pretty awesome to see how I looked with it on.

Mum bought me the lipstick because I was dithering over whether I should get it or not, and the matching lip pencil too. When we left the shop, I was pretty much strutting around town like I owned the place. I felt so incredible – people were looking at me, almost staring, but I didn’t care. The lipstick fell off after we’d had lunch and I didn’t reapply it, but the confidence boost it gave me stayed with me for the rest of the day.

So now I own this cracking red lipstick. I’m glad I do.

I’ve not worn it much since I got it (witness how untouched it looks still) but that’s because I’ve not been in the mood. And that’s silly, because given how amazing it makes me feel when I wear it, I should wear it because it will make me feel better.

A lot of the magazines say ‘a bold red lip is an instant confidence boost’ and they’re right. I’d always thought they were talking crap but after my experience the other week, I’m thinking that there really is something to it. I’m not sure why a red lip makes me, and others, feel so confident. Why doesn’t any other colour of lipstick make us feel that glamorous? I wanted to go and buy a pair of black stilettos when I was wearing that lipstick – I don’t wear heels hardly at all so it would have been pointless me getting any, but it was that kind of super-glam feeling.

So I’ve decided that from now on, if I’m feeling a bit naff or having a crisis of confidence, I’m going to put on the red lipstick and see where it takes me. I’m having a bit of a rethink of my own image, which given what I do for a living is a bit of an irony, and I think that a red lip will be happening more often. It just makes me feel so good. And the better I feel, the better I can make my clients feel.

Red lipstick is magic. What are your favourite reds, readers?

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