Forever Repurchase: Percy & Reed The Perfect Blowdry Makeover Spray


‘Well blow me over, I’m gorgeous!’ it says on the bottle, and that was certainly my reaction after I’d used this product for the first time. I’m going to be doing a few posts of things that are on my ‘Forever Repurchase’ list – those products that I’ve found that just Work and I will never change them for another one, and this one is very high up the list.

I discovered this spray after getting another Percy & Reed product as a freebie with a magazine – I got the Wonder Balm and really loved what it did to my hair. I’ve always had difficult hair. As in it really doesn’t matter how many products I put on it or what I do to it, it always rebels and does whatever it feels like.

But the Percy & Reed Wonder Balm changed that – for the first time my hair was soft, manageable and actually submitted to my styling whims, so I thought ‘hang on, this range might actually be good’. I had been using a heat defence spray (Tresemme, I think) when I blow dried my hair, and when it ran out I decided to purchase this instead.

This must be my third or fourth bottle of this product. When I was in the store last week and walked past the display I noticed that there seems to have been a minor change to the packaging, so the new bottles look a little different. The bottles last for ages so the packaging could have changed a long time ago, I just haven’t needed to buy a new one for a while!

You spray it on your hair when it’s wet (or towel dry, it works either way) and then let loose with your hair dryer. You can style as you dry if you use this stuff – I have to blow my parting back in because my hair defaults to centre parting if I don’t blast it over to the side, and then it stays put until I wash my hair again. The spray leaves my hair feeling lovely and soft after I’ve dried it as well, and it’s not brittle or over-dry, which happened with some of the previous blow dry and heat defence sprays I had tried.

It’s excellent, and seems to work for every hair type. This bottle gets borrowed a lot in my house and we all have different hair, so it does the job for everyone. You can find it in larger Marks and Spencer branches if you’re in the UK, and online, where there’s a full list of stockists (I can only get it in M&S where I live).

I follow it up with a spritz of Label M Shine Mist and my hair looks and stays perfect until the next wash. The spray doesn’t comb out either, so when I brush my hair the next morning, I don’t have to restyle it. I can brush and go.

The Percy & Reed range is fantastic – I also still use the Wonder Balm and there’s an overnight recovery which helps when your hair is in terrible condition. I don’t need many products for my hair, but I’m slowly transitioning the ones I do have to Percy & Reed. It’s a really good range and although it’s not the cheapest out there, it’s very much worth it. There’s something that works for every hair type and the bottle sizes are decent, so they last a while and you definitely get value for money. The fact my hair now behaves itself and looks good is worth every penny.

Any other Percy & Reed fans out there? What’s your favourite product?

(All opinions in this post are my own and I have not been paid for this review.)

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