Midweek mumblings

We interrupt your regularly scheduled Surrey blog posts to bring you a post of spur of the moment thoughts from the wilds of Somerset. 

I’m on holiday this week with my mum – it’s our annual trip away together and we’re in a veh’ posh hotel which I shall be reviewing next week – and being away from my desk and my laptop has, weirdly, made me want to work even more than normal.

It’s weird – when I was in my previous job, I couldn’t wait to go on holiday and I dreaded going back to the commute and the drudgery and the stupid office politics. Now, because I’m working for myself and I’m trying to build a business, I can’t wait to get back to my little office nook and start pushing myself more into prominence.

Someone crossed my path today who made me really sit back and think about me, my business and my self-promotion (I will blog about this person next week when I’m back at my laptop – I’m typing this on my iPhone) and how the way you present yourself, be it online or in person, can be really damaging to your image. Because this person came across in a way that set me down a Google spiral of trying to find out who they were, and not because I wanted to do business with them.

Anyway, it’s really made me think. I’m itching to get back in my work routine and start my planned rebrand for 2018, but this person has made me want to do it sooner.

Over and out!

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