Socks and mittens and hats, oh my


(Lovely photo by Jill111 on Pixabay)

It’s not quite a winter wonderland of snow and ice just yet here in the UK, but cold weather is something that happens frequently, and tis the season to start wrapping up warm, especially if you’re an early bird who has to commute anywhere by public transport (or stand on a cold driveway and defrost a car).

A wise woman (okay, my mum) once told me that as long as your head, your feet and your hands are warm, the rest of your body will be warm. She’s right, and seeing as the weather’s getting colder, it’s definitely time to drag out the warm socks, gloves and hats and keep those extremities warm.


Not everyone likes to wear socks – I don’t, unless I’m wearing boots or trainers. If you’re someone who doesn’t like socks, by all means layer up your tights to keep your feet warm. Putting pop socks over tights (or under if you’re wearing a skirt) will add an extra layer of warmth. I’d recommend putting a thin pair of tights under your thicker opaques – that way you’re warm all up your leg, and it’s the matter of a few minutes to take off the under-tights once you get to work. You can also put socks over tights for your commute, and take them off when you’re at work. Trust me, in the winter nobody cares how daft you look while commuting.


I’ve noticed that people seem to be wearing these less, and I genuinely think it’s the rise in smartphone use that’s fuelled this. I first noticed it last winter, waiting for a train to work. Looking up and down the platform, pretty much everyone was engrossed in their phone and only about three people were wearing gloves.

Touchscreens make wearing gloves tricky. The solution is to get those ones that are designed with special pads on the fingers to allow you to operate your touch screen. They’re not cheap though, so other options are fingerless gloves (but then your fingertips get cold) or glove/mitten hybrids, which are a fingerless glove with a little hood to pop over your fingertips. I’ve got a pair of these, and I find them handy to have. If I get a notification, I can just push the hood down, check my phone and then replace the hood, making my fingers toasty once again.

If you can afford fleece or fake fur lined leather/fake leather gloves, by the way, your hands will be the toastiest hands in the kingdom and everyone else will be envious of you. Not that there’s anything wrong with knitted gloves, but over the years I’ve realised that the properly lined leather gloves are the warmest.


Knitted hats with pom poms are wonderful things and seem to be on-trend this year. Unfortunately they make me look like I’m about six years old – if you’re lucky enough to have the right ‘look’ to wear them, then I envy you. Enjoy your on-trend hats!

Being as bobble hats don’t suit me, I have to find alternatives. Cloche hats suit me well, and Marks and Spencer has some lovely ones this season. There are hats of all shapes to suit all faces, and it’s really a question of trying some on until you find the one that suits you. There don’t appear to be any universal rules as to what hat suits what face shape, so go nuts in your local accessory shop until you find the one you want.

My favourite hat by far is a little fake rabbit fur one I found at a French market. It’s hard to describe the shape, so here’s a very old photo of me wearing it.

Screenshot (13)

C’est bon, oui? I’ll be wearing this again this season if the temperatures continue to slide downwards. If you can get fake fur, do, because it’s the warmest material for a stylish hat. I will say that on really super-cold days, my attitude is ‘sod this’ and I wear my running hat, which is a thermal beanie and isn’t remotely fashionable.

But it’s warm!

And being warm is what’s important, right? Like I said in my winter coat post, I don’t mind looking like a yeti as long as I’m warm.

Wrap up, guys!

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