Winter basics: Oversized jumpers


It’s been far too cold in the UK lately, so I’ve been hibernating in my house and living in my knitwear. I own a lot of jumpers. My current favourite and the one I default to when I’m at home working all day is this lovely grey one from H&M.

img_5793I love oversized jumpers. Not only are they warm, they’re comfortable too and very easy to wear. You can layer thinner jumpers or t-shirts underneath to add extra warmth on a really cold day, and a slouchy leather jacket over the top pulls the look together for a trip to the shops.

An oversized jumper is perfect when you’re having a Bad Body Image Day as well – the winter can bring those out in even the most confident person, and as it’s the season of colds, flu and other maladies, the oversized jumpers in our wardrobes will no doubt see a lot of use as comfort blankets.

You do have to be careful when you’re buying an oversized jumper. It might be the case that you have to buy one a size smaller than you normally would. This one is a Small – I’m normally a Medium in H&M, but the style of the jumper meant that a Medium literally swamped me. Try on two sizes (your normal one and one below) and see which one you like the look of best and which is most comfortable. Oversized jumpers are meant to be big, but not so big that you’re lost in them.

So what do you wear an oversized jumper with? Because your top half is big and baggy, it’s more flattering to have a more fitted bottom half. At home, I wear the jumper with black leggings and slipper booties. If I go out, I put on skinny jeans and ankle boots. Oversized jumpers don’t look good with baggy trousers – the trousers and jumper combination can really swamp a person, and if you’re on the shorter side, it’s best to avoid baggy bottom halves and stick to skinny jeans and leggings. The same rules apply with skirts – big jumpers only really work with pencil skirts. And they’re really good for throwing on over a bodycon dress if it’s a bit cold.

Play around, experiment, and create your own signature look with this winter staple. And let’s face it, there’s plenty of winter left to experiment in! Stay warm, readers.






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