All I want for Christmas is…


I’ve been writing my real life Christmas list to pin up on the board at home (and hope my relatives read it and get me what I want) but here’s five things from my fantasy wish list. All of these are ‘if money was no object’ items – there’s no way I could get these unless I had a nice big lottery win, but it’s fun to dream, isn’t it?

Porsche Cayenne SUV

This car has ruined me. I test drove one of these about a year ago and ever since then every other car I’ve driven, including my own, has felt like this one’s poor relation. Being a bit of a petrolhead, I wasn’t expecting a big car like this to feel like a sports saloon – lets face it, a lot of the larger SUV’s don’t handle very well. But it’s utterly magnificent – Porsche have engineered this car to perfection. The gearbox is the best automatic box I’ve ever driven, it handles like it’s on rails and it’s a thing of beauty both inside and out. The price of one of these (and the insurance – ouch) makes me wince, but one day, one day I will have one sitting on my driveway. This car is my main motivation to never give up.

A box full of MAC makeup and brushes

This one is still on the ‘fantasy’ wish list even though I use quite a few MAC products, because I’d love for my makeup box and brush jar to be entirely full of MAC. Like one of every single product they make. That would be my dream.

A massive amethyst geode

I collect crystals, and have a particular fondness for pieces of amethyst. I have two small raw pieces of amethyst, but I would like a giant one that’s about two feet tall. I saw one that fitted the bill in a crystal shop when we were on holiday two years ago, and when we went back to the shop this year, it was still there, taunting me with its wallet-busting price tag. So yes, I’d like this giant geode, or maybe one that’s even bigger, if you’re listening, Santa.

A Blancpain watch

I am aware these cost what my friend and I term ‘car money’, but they are so, so beautiful. Until the money fairy gives me enough cash to buy one of these, I’ll content myself with looking at them in the windows of jewellery stores and in magazines and dreaming.

Two weeks in Japan

Japan is somewhere that’s on my bucket list to visit, but there are a number of factors stopping me – my fear of flying, my irrational fear that an earthquake or tsunami will happen while I’m there, and the cost. It’s still somewhere that I’d love to visit, so maybe I should add ‘to be cured of my fear of flying and natural disasters’ to this list. Either way, I know I’ll never get there, but this is a fantasy list!


Dear Santa, please see this list and make it happen! I will be buying a lottery ticket over Christmas, so you never know!

(I wasn’t paid to mention the named products in this post. The opinions in this post are my own.)

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