Happy New Year!


Happy New Year, guys! I hope you’ve all had a nice Christmas (if you celebrate it) and spent some time with your friends and family.

It’s traditionally the time of year when people start making New Years resolutions. I’ve never been one for those. I feel they’re promises that you make to yourself that can sometimes be unrealistic, and when you break them you feel wretched.

The way I frame it is as a set of goals. Having concrete goals and a set time of year to have accomplished them by is more productive than making a resolution that you’ll have broken within six weeks. People think that because they’ve made New Year’s Resolutions, you have to start them all on January 1st, and if they’ve made a lot, then it’s overwhelming with all this ‘omg I have to do All The New Things right now oh my days please send help’ and that’s why people quit them.

At the beginning of each year, I write a set of goals that I want to have accomplished. Some of them have a Completion Date on them, but most of them don’t. As long as I’ve done them by the time December 31st of the year rolls round, I’m all good. I’m sharing five of them with you here, but there are more! I just don’t want to write a really long post on January 1st when I’m sure some of you will have sore heads from last night!

Stop eating meat.

I’m meant to be vegetarian because of my Crohn’s, but I totally fell off my wagon these past two months. The onset of winter set my ‘it’s casserole time’ alarm off, and I’ve eaten all kinds of meat since the beginning of November. Not every day, but enough that I’ve felt my intestine going ‘oh hai, you’re upsetting me again, stop’. Our roast that we have on New Years Day will be my last meat meal. I’m meant to be starting a new treatment this year, but I think that sticking to my diet plan will probably help even more than any drug.

Remember people’s birthdays.

I’m so crap at this. People send me cards and stuff, and I don’t send them one in return. This makes me feel really, really guilty when I realise I’ve forgotten but for some reason I then don’t bother to send anything at all. This is Unacceptable. It’s not like Facebook doesn’t warn you about an upcoming birthday, but I know the important ones, and I should really prepare better for them this year. I’ve felt like a terrible friend. Same with Christmas cards!

Learn marketing properly.

I work for myself, and clients have been pretty much non-existent. The problem is I have two strings to my bow – my styling and my writing – and I need to work out how to pitch each one to the appropriate people so I can get clients. The blog is the main platform for my writing (watch out for an actual ‘writing’ page popping up soon) and I have my website for my business, but I need to market myself. My biggest problem is that I still have the mentality from years ago that nobody wants to hear what I have to say, so I need to shout louder when previously I’ve just been happy to let the noisy people take all the attention. Time to get my client list up!

Go back to Devon.

This is an easy one, so not really a goal, but the place got under my skin and I have to visit it again. I must have my holiday booked by the end of January – I am planning to actually go in April, so if I book it this month, I’ll have three months to flail about it to other people before going and then boring them all with my holiday photos when I get back. It’s a good job that Facebook lets you upload things into albums all in one go otherwise I think a lot of people would have been extremely annoyed at my 500+ photos from my last visit…

Start running properly.

I picked up running again towards the end of last year, although I’ve had a bit of a break again because weather and Christmas. This year I want to get back into running seriously. I used to run before the Crohns pounced on me, and I miss being able to just run a couple of miles because I’ve had a crap day. I aim to be able to do that again by the end of the year. I’m not training for any races because honestly, I hate races, so I’m doing this for myself. I do think it’s time for a new pair of trainers before I do this, though. They are looking distinctly sad.


Happy 2018 to you all, and I hope that you manage to achieve your goals this year!

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