January Glossybox Contents

I’ve been laid up with flu since New Year (posts last week were already written and scheduled) so my posting timetable has gone to pot and I feel pretty crummy still. I’m on the mend though, and the arrival of this month’s Glossybox helped cheer me up.

And here’s what’s in it this month:


  • Boots Beauty Beneath supplements
  • Dr Botanicals Moroccan Rose Superfood Facial Oil
  • Apicia Cream Blush
  • Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Green Tea Primer
  • Nail Medic Nail and Cuticle Energiser

Not the greatest box, in my opinion, but the Nail Medic stuff sounds pretty good and I’ll be using it to try and sort out my terrible nails. The green tea primer feels lovely so I’ll definitely be giving that a go – it’s a nice texture, which is good for a primer because some of them can feel a little strange. And if it keeps my makeup on my face for longer then that’s a win!

I don’t like cream blush, so that one is going to a deserving home with someone who will use it, and the facial oil will make its way to the bathroom for use by the whole family – we all have dry skin and facial oils are sometimes just what’s needed to make a bad dry spot feel better.

As for the supplements… they’ve already gone in the bin. I don’t believe in taking supplements for anything, and certainly not to iron out any wrinkles in my skin. That’s what anti-ageing creams are for – I’d rather put anti-ageing products on my face than in my body. And besides, beauty starts with your diet. Eat right, drink plenty of water, don’t smoke and your body will reflect your inner health.

That went a bit zen at the end of that last paragraph. I blame my flu tablets!


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