Back to work!


It’s actually nice to be sitting at my desk again and working instead of typing this from my bed in my jammies – flu is no joke, people, and it’s taken over two weeks for me to feel anywhere near vaguely able to work properly again. Posts should get back to three a week as of next week, once I’ve knocked the last of this insane tiredness on the head and can brain without the aid of paracetamol and energy drinks.

As you can see there’s another stock image for you all to look at – I’ve not got back into the swing of doing Proper Photos yet, but I will. Eventually. I got money for Christmas so I can finally buy a tripod and a proper backdrop for flatlays (to the tile depot!) so expect some actual proper decent photos from my SLR as the year goes on.

I went on a business planning course on Friday last week (for those of you that haven’t read me before, I work as a freelance stylist) and it was really helpful. It made me realise that if I want to succeed, I’ve got to plan all the things and not just Do Stuff. This is kind of hard for me, because while I am organised, I tend to let my working day flow. I have ‘to do’ items (and I’ve done most of today’s already, so yay for me) but I don’t always do them in the order they are on the list or one task at a time. I’ll sometimes split the task over the day, depending on how big it is, and as long as I get it done on the day it’s due, that’s fine by me. My way of working made someone at the course gasp when I told her that was what I did, but everyone works differently, I guess.

I think my work style is the product of working for ages in a very ‘bitty’ environment – by that, I mean that every time I settled down to a task, someone would scurry over and ask me to do something else. I became a bit of an expert at doing about seven things at once and as long as they were done by the deadline, that was all good. Some might say that means I’m not focused. I am, but maybe not for as long on one single task as most people would like. I also can’t bear things that drag on, so if something is taking too long, I’ll stop and go and do something else before returning to the original task.

One thing I did realise on the course was that I have to split my business and personal blogs and social media. My social media was intended to be for business, but I’d rather post cat pictures. Ditto the blog – it was originally meant to be for my business, but it’s turned into product reviews, cat photos and recipes, so I decided to split things up. I’ve now got a Twitter for my business, an Instagram for my business, and I was toying with the idea of another blog just for my business.

Problem is, I’m not sure what that blog would contain. I’m much happier just blogging about Things, including fashion, so I now have the dilemma of do I continue to link this blog to my business website, or start a separate one just for the business that might totally suck and be really dry and sort of… eh. I can’t think of a better word than ‘eh’ – it’s obvious when you read some business-focused blogs that the writer is writing because they have to, not because they want to. This blog is very free-form and lets me Do Things I Want To rather than having to write a post because I Must Do It. I hope that makes some kind of sense… I don’t want to be restricted in what I can write, and a business-focused blog would do that, I think.

So to stop this happening, I’ve decided instead to write articles for LinkedIn – I already had one published and I’ve set myself a goal of two a month. This means I can write more fashion and styling focused things without dying of boredom trying to create content every few days. Twice a month, I can manage. Twice a week… nope. I wouldn’t be able to cope with that.

I’m feeling more positive about my business venture after the course, and also I think that finally shaking this darned flu has made my mindset more positive. It’s so hard to be positive when you’re lying in bed feeling like death, with your cat as a hot water bottle and a pile of paracetamol on your bedside table. It’s taken a while for me to get rid of the flu, but such are the delights of taking drugs that suppress your immune system. My poor white blood cells do their best while they’re under the thumb of my Crohn’s medication (which I can’t stop taking even for a couple of days) so yeah, I stay ill longer than most.

The last thing to do is get rid of this tired feeling. I guess it’s just the last of the flu lingering on, but today, I feel like I haven’t slept, and I did. I think this calls for a large coffee and a muffin, don’t you?

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