Product Review: Nail Medic Nail & Cuticle Energiser

I have horrible nails. They break at the drop of a pin and occasionally when I do manage to cultivate a decent set of talons, they go ‘nope’ and snap with no reason.

Because of this, I’m always looking for products that will help the damn things get a bit stronger and not break as soon as I look at them.

The Nail Medic product was in the January Glossybox and I’ve been using it for a week or so now. Every night before bed I paint it on my nails and rub it in. It smells good, for a nail product, and it feels nice too. But is it working?

Yes. Yes it is.

I am going to continue using it long-term to see if I can finally get a decent set of nails, but after just one week my nails feel ‘better’. I can’t explain it any other way – they feel nicer, and even a little bit stronger. Admittedly I’ve snapped three of them this week by doing various household and car-based tasks but the surviving nails are pretty decent. I guess even this stuff can’t stop a nail breaking on a tyre valve.

I’m attacking my awful nails two-fold, with the Nail Medic and also Vaseline Intensive Care hand cream, which I’ve been using for ages and does make a difference to my nails – previous longer nails have been entirely the result of using the hand cream every day. I figure that the combination of these two products should give my nails a wakeup call and make them grow and not break for no reason.

So, this is a Long Term Test. I’ll post again next month and hopefully there will be even more of a difference to my nails.

This is my left hand, currently:

And my right hand:

As you can see, not great on the nail front. I’m hoping that within a month, even with daily normal activity, my nails will be longer and healthier than in this photograph!

The Nail Medic stuff is good. For me to notice a difference after only a week gives me hope that it’s going to be a long-term fix for my nails. I have yet to apply nail polish to them because I want to give the Nail Medic a decent chance, but I’ll let you know how it goes after I’ve put polish on them.

This might just be the thing that finally saves my nails. It’s only taken 36 years!

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