The Wonder of Wellies


It rained last week.

And I mean it rained. Our patio was doing a pretty good impression of a lake, and there was a magnificent puddle down by the station.

I had to go into town that day, and because the traffic was so bad, I walked. In the rain. In the pouring, tipping, torrential rain that hadn’t let up all day.

Not the most intelligent thing to do, but I was mostly nice and dry, and the only part of me that really got wet was the top half of my legs, and I wasn’t too bothered about that because hey, leggings wash and dry really easily.

I stayed dry because I have an excellent waterproof jacket (my North Face one that I’ve spoken about before) and some equally excellent wellington boots.

Rain boots, gum boots, wellies, whatever you want to call them, they will save your feet from inclement weather without any complaints. There’s all sorts of brands and styles out there to suit everyone, so it’s really personal preference as to which ones you get. Mine are navy blue, and I’m not sure what brand they are. I don’t think it matters what brand wellies come from, as long as they keep your feet dry!

They’re a very underrated piece of footwear, are wellies. Seen as the preserve of ‘country folk’, over here they tend to be associated with wax jacket-wearing, Land Rover-driving horsey sorts who have about ten dogs and live in a massive rambling house that’s straight out of Midsomer Murders. That, or children who enjoy jumping in puddles. But wellies are for everyone, and it is wise, especially if you’re in the UK, to own a pair.

It rains a lot on our little island, no matter if you live in a city or a tiny hamlet out in the country. Rain happens, and a good pair of wellies will not only keep you dry but also prevent your other shoes from being ruined. Whether you’re walking the dog or just going out for the paper and a carton of milk, wellies are useful for any wet day.

Plus, and this is a fairly new revelation for me, you can get welly socks. Socks just for wellies – they’re knee-high, thicker than normal socks, and a good deal warmer. I bought a black pair with fake fur trim (so not actually remotely practical for the rain, thinking about it) but you can get them in all sorts of colours with all sorts of trims! While I was browsing I found some with pink sparkles in the trim, but annoyingly they were only in child sizes. Disappointing! I almost want the bad weather to continue just so I can justify buying about six pairs of welly socks in varying colours…

So wellies are not only practical, they can now be stylish too, especially with the welly socks. What are you waiting for? Get yourself a pair, and enjoy a lifetime of dry, warm feet!


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