Lovely Surrey – The Red Lion, Horsell

I’m lucky enough to live somewhere that’s got several excellent pubs within easy walking distance. Of those pubs, the one I go to the most is The Red Lion. It’s at the top of Horsell High Street, just outside Woking Town Centre, and I’ve been coming here for years.

What keeps me coming back, you ask? Well… food like this:


This is the Veggie Stack burger. Halloumi, roasted onions, red pepper, sweet potato, a giant field mushroom and a huge slice of tomato. Served with the Best Chips Ever (in my opinion), this is a great option for lunch or dinner. This, or the sausage and mash if I want something meaty, are my default orders when I come here, which is at least once a month. I was last here on Wednesday night with my friend, and we were only sat in the bar with a bar snack, but even that was delicious. Behold, honey and mustard chipolatas:


Just enough for two, and they went down a treat.

I have never, ever had a bad meal here. The food is fantastic. The building is beautiful. The staff are lovely. The atmosphere is really good too – it’s always bustling but not too busy, the exception being a Friday night just before Christmas one year, when we could barely move, but the fact it was packed tells you what a good place it is. There is ample car parking, and it’s a rare occasion when you can’t get a space in the pub car park.

The prices are reasonable too. Remembering that Woking and the surrounding areas are basically on almost-London prices, the Red Lion is very much value for money. You can have a good meal and a drink or two for about £30 a head (if that, depending on what you choose off the menu) and that’s pretty good in my book.

So whether you want a sit-down meal in the restaurant, or a casual drink and some snacks with your friends, The Red Lion is a great place to go for any occasion.

Book a table and view the menus here .

(All opinions in this post are my own and I was not paid for my review.)


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