Working from home: the lure of the fridge


I’m writing this post as I’m waiting for my lunch to cook, so this picture isn’t helping with the hunger pangs. This post wasn’t created from hunger, but rather a conversation I had with someone last week.

My friend was saying that she’d put on weight since she started working at home, and I asked her why. And she said, quite honestly, that it was because she now had free access to food at all times of day and didn’t have a manager or co-workers to police what she ate.

She’s right. Working from home does mean unrestricted access to the fridge and pantry – you can have your lunch at 11am if you like, and you can get tea, coffee, cupcakes, anything you want, when you want, with nobody setting your meal times.

In fact, quite a few people I’ve spoken to who work at home have said that they need to stop snacking so much when they’re working. I’m the opposite – I don’t eat between breakfast and lunch, often losing myself down some fashion news wormhole online and not emerging until the cat yells at me for his lunch, at which time I think ‘I’d better eat too.’ This is just as bad a habit as constant snacking, and I need to take some of the advice I’m giving out below.

But what can you do if you are a serial fridge diver? Here are five tips to stop yourself from heading for the snacks if you’re working from home.

Schedule meal times and breaks

Imagine that you are still working in an office. Plan your day, including meal times, and stick to your schedule. This will mean you’re less likely to dive for the fridge in a moment of boredom.

Plan your meals 

Just like you did when you had an office job, plan out what you’re going to have for lunch that day or snacks. Write it down, write your weekly shopping list accordingly and stick to it. If you don’t buy it, you can’t eat it. I’ve lived by this rule for years, and it’s actually a money-saver too. If you’re only buying what you need, you aren’t wasting money on things you won’t eat. Win!

Make healthy choices

Ok, you screwed your nose up at that one. I’m not policing what you eat, but a healthier snack or meal will fill you up more than an unhealthy one. It’s up to you, of course, but veg and protein will keep you full and reduce the likelihood of fridge raiding.

Go bananas

Tied in with the above, eating a banana when you feel yourself flagging and you think ‘I need a snack’ will help fill you up and keep you going. Keep one on your desk, but not until it goes manky. Actually eat it!

Keep hydrated

Sometimes when you think you’re hungry, you’re actually thirsty. Have a drink of water first, and if you’re still hungry, then have something to eat.


My lunch is done, so I get to go and eat now. Apologies if I made any of you hungry with this post!

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