I can’t believe it’s not designer!

Anyone who loves fashion will have an item they really want to own. For me, it’s two items – a pair of Valentino Rockstud flats and an Aspinal bag. The Aspinal bag is being saved for, so that’s a ‘maybe in the future’ purchase, but the Rockstuds have always been something I never thought I’d ever get.

Until, that is, I wandered into Primark looking for some trousers for a photoshoot. I always have a good look around the shop, just in case I find something useful (pyjamas or socks, mostly), and in the reductions aisle I found these:


Rockstuds? In Primark?! Well… not quite. They’re far enough removed from the actual Rockstud design that anyone with any fashion knowledge will see that they were ‘based on’ the shoe rather than an outright copy, but a quick look will make you do a double take. They have all the aspects of the real Rockstud I’ve always liked (the pointed toe and the studs), and these shoes will do nicely until circumstances mean I can get a real pair of Rockstuds.

And for just £3, I’d have been stupid not to buy them. I’m tempted to go back and get another pair because they’re so comfortable that I know I’m going to wear them into the ground come spring. They had them in black and the shimmery almost-patent blue which I bought, but the black ones were oddly uncomfortable – it could have been the fabric they were made of. These blue ones are buttery soft on the foot and they feel so nice to wear.

I do love it when the high street picks up on these trends. It means that those of us who don’t live an influencer’s life, or can’t quite afford the ‘proper’ designer item, can get the look for less – I am aware that sounds like a cliched fashion magazine thing, but the fact is that if you can get the look without spending your entire year’s salary on it, then why not? You don’t have to pay designer prices to look like you’ve just stepped out of the pages of Vogue.

I’m going to be gloating over my totally-not-Valentino shoes for a while, I think. And I hope that when the new season stuff comes in, they’ll be available in more pastel colours – I would love a pale pink or white pair for the summer.

Are there any ‘totally-not-designer’ things you readers have found? Let me know!

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