Fashion Month has started!


Before we get going, I love how this stock photo makes the Millennium Bridge look way longer that it actually is, and kind of like a catwalk too (which is why I chose it). I always enjoy seeing London in new perspectives. Also love how it’s deserted – what time of day was this taken? That bridge is normally heaving with people.


Fashion month has begun. It started in New York yesterday and the shows are coming thick and fast. I recommend people to download the Vogue Runway app so they can keep up with the shows and all the street style too – it is an app you can lose hours on just browsing through the images from each collection, and it’s a really comprehensive library of all the looks. I wasn’t paid to say that, I genuinely love this app and want to share the love with you all!

Fashion month starts in New York, then moves on to London, Milan, and finally Paris. Those are the big fashion weeks, and I will mostly be avoiding London while our fashion week is happening.

Not because I don’t enjoy it, but because the city goes crazy. I made the mistake of meeting a friend for lunch up in London during last Fashion Week and unfortunately we’d picked a restaurant that was right in the middle of the action. It was packed, and the city was heaving with extra people and extra cars. Everywhere we walked, we kept seeing people waiting for shows, banks of photographers ready to pounce on anyone whose outfit looked good, but in the craziness we spotted a couple of fashion bloggers we both follow, which was, for us, really awesome.

I’ve never been to a fashion week show, but I’d love to. Although watching the shows on social media streams is better in a way, because you can pause it if you’re not watching it live and scribble down some notes. After all, for a stylist, the fashion weeks are all about taking note of upcoming trends. These shows that are happening this month are for the AW18 collections, so come September, these are the trends we’ll be gently steering our clients towards.

People have said to me before that they don’t ‘get’ some of the stuff that goes down the catwalk – why would anyone want to wear a dress made of bubble wrap or candy floss? Those are extreme examples, but I always say that fashion weeks are like the Turner Prize for designers. Their show is their chance to show off their creativity. And yes, some stuff is mad and unwearable in the real world, but that’s not to say that the trend wouldn’t filter down into actual wearable clothes in some form. What’s on the catwalk doesn’t always reflect what is going to actually end up in the stores. And quite honestly, with the world the way it is at the moment, a little craziness is more than welcome.

So with my phone making little pings beside me, informing me of new stuff coming in on the feeds from New York, I’m going to immerse myself in fashion month from the safety of behind my laptop. If any of you readers are going to a show, I hope you love it!

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