Six Months of Glossybox: Favourites and Fails


I’ve been subscribing to Glossybox for six months now, and I’m going to renew my subscription for the next year, because since I started subscribing, I’ve discovered some brilliant stuff from brands I’ve never heard of or not considered before. The ‘favourites’ I’m writing about in this post are products that have fitted into my daily routine and made me think ‘where have you been all my life?’ and quite honestly, there’s been a lot of stuff in the boxes that’s been great – these three products are just the stand-outs.

That said, not everything in the boxes has been to my liking, so I’ve also rounded up my three least favourite products from the boxes. These are by no means totally crap, but they just don’t work for me. If you like them, that’s cool, but I can’t get on with them.


Kawaii Brush Cleanser Egg

I’ve raved about this in this post here and it was my product of the year last year, so this little rubbery egg has been the best thing I’ve had out of the Glossyboxes by far. It’s such a simple thing, but it’s made cleaning brushes a ton easier and quicker, meaning I spend less of my Sunday standing at the sink and more of my Sunday doing other things I need to do. This thing is a total joy to use as well, and it’s weirdly adorable. I actually look forward to cleaning my brushes now!

Nail Medic Nail & Cuticle Energiser

I’ve already reviewed this product in this post here so I won’t go into too much detail, suffice to say that it’s making a huge difference to my nails. They’re not really long talons by any means, but they are a lot healthier than they have been previously and don’t snap as often. I’ll continue to use it, and I will definitely be ordering another one when this one runs out. If your nails are flaky and generally crummy, I’d definitely recommend it.

Collection Cosmetics Define & Perfect Eyebrow Powder in Brunette 2


I’ve not reviewed this product on its own yet, but I’ve been using it a lot. I normally use a MAC eyebrow pencil because I like my brows to be really defined, but I picked this up one day after it had been sitting in my makeup tray for a while and thought ‘y’know what, I fancy a change’ and used it.

It’s great. It’s a really fine-tipped applicator, which means that you can pretty much draw individual hairs on your brow if you need to. It’s a very ‘soft’ product, meaning that you don’t get sharp lines and you can blur it if you need to. It’s also a perfect colour for me, which is good, because it took me forever to find a pencil that matched and this powder was the right shade without me even thinking about it. I’ll definitely be buying this again when it runs out! I will still use the MAC product for when I want a more defined look, but for everyday use, this powder is perfect. It also retails at under £5, so it’s affordable too. A totally fantastic little product, and it’s available in a range of shades.


Siligel Blender

I blogged about this product in this post and I still stand by my original review – it doesn’t work as a beauty blender. At least not for me. However I have found a use for it! I do crafts in my spare time, and I’ve found that it’s the perfect little cushion to rest a glue gun or other sticky applicator on while I’m making things. It’s also good for pushing crystals or rhinestones down into glue or other adhesives – the silicone means that it’s soft enough to ‘give’ when it’s pushed down on the stones, so you don’t damage them. Not its intended use, but at least I’ve found something for it to do instead of loaf around in my makeup box! So if you’ve got one of these, and you don’t know what to do with it, consider it for craft purposes.

Studio 10 Makeup Mist Glow-Plexion


I briefly mentioned in my February Glossybox post that I didn’t think much of this. I’ve tried it a couple more times, and the result has been the same every time – this stuff is too tacky and I just don’t like it. I much prefer a finer mist and also one that’s not as sticky. A pity, like I said before, because I do like Studio 10 products. This one might have to be binned – nobody else at home has expressed any interest in it, so I’m afraid this one is destined for the recycling bin.

Evelyn Iona Cosmetics Green Tea Primer


I was initially quite excited to get and try this product – I am on the lookout for a new primer, as my trusty Clarins one is coming to an end, and I thought this one might be a good replacement. But I’ve been using it quite regularly and I just can’t get on with it, no matter how much I try.

The problem is that it rubs off before you have a chance to put your foundation on. I’m not sure what’s going on here, but I’ve never worn a primer before that turns into little balls when you touch your face after applying it. I have to rub off the balls before I can put my foundation on, and the resulting application of foundation is patchy. It smells great, and it’s a fantastic texture, but when it’s on my skin, it doesn’t like it. I’ve tried putting it on just after I’ve moisturised and even when I haven’t moisturised at all, and the result is exactly the same. I want to like this product, I really do, but I just can’t.


I’ll be doing another Glossybox favourites and fails in six month’s time, and there will be regular product reviews of stuff I get out of the boxes. What have been your favourite products from your subscription boxes, readers? Let me know in the comments!

(All views and opinions in this post are my own and I was not paid to review any of these products.)


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