Makeup Revolution Spree: New-trals vs Neutrals & Iconic Division palettes


A trip into Superdrug for cotton pads turned into me coming out with the cotton pads and two new eyeshadow palettes. I hadn’t intended to buy the eyeshadows, but they were so, so pretty and at the prices Makeup Revolution charges for them, I could afford them. I bought the ‘New-trals vs Neutrals’ and ‘Iconic Division’ palettes – New-trals retails at £6.99 and Iconic Division was the princely sum of £4.

They’re gorgeous palettes, and I know that they are often used as dupes for the Anastasia Beverley Hills palettes ‘Modern Renaissance’ and ‘Subculture’. The ‘Iconic Division’ one is a pretty good shade dupe for ‘Subculture’, looking at the two side by side, plus the pans are bigger, so win-win.

I’m well aware of the hoo-ha around ‘Subculture’ – the online war that ensued between people who loved it and people who hated it was quite a Thing to behold, and I’m glad I viewed it from a distance. It’s only a makeup palette, guys! I suspect people were pretty annoyed at paying £40-odd for what seems to not be a great product. I know I would be, but the Makeup Revolution palette looks roughly the same, and is cheap enough that if it’s totally balls, I don’t really mind. I get the shades I want for a fraction of the price.

Here’s the shades without the lid on:


I’m really loving the purple that’s second in from the right on the bottom row. That one is going to probably be the first one to run out, if I know me. There’s some combinations here that could create some really interesting looks, from a smokey eye for a night out to a brighter look for a spring wedding. I’ll have to have a play around, but I already have plans for that mustard yellow shade.

All but the top left hand shade and the shimmery green shade are nicely pigmented – those two are subtle to the point of ‘have I put any on my eyelid?’, but I’m thinking of using them as just a little highlight pop in the corner of the eye. I haven’t used them wet yet, but I know that sometimes shades that can seem a bit ‘eh’ in pigmentation really brighten up when you wet them.

The ‘New-trals vs Neutrals’ palette is a gorgeous thing. First of all, the packaging is like… hello, you look more expensive than you actually are!


Here’s the shades, first with their little name plate on, and then without so you can get a good look at them:


I’m not that familiar with the ABH ‘Modern Renaissance’ palette that this is meant to be a dupe for, but at first glance of the two side by side on Google Images, some of the shades are pretty close. There’s more greys and blues in the Makeup Revolution palette, which suits me better with my blue eyes, although I do wear all sorts of eyeshadow shades. The ‘dupes’ seem to be on certain tones only, so it’s not a straight up duplicate of ‘Modern Renaissance’. As with the other palette, I can see smokey and brighter looks within these shades, so it really covers all bases. My favourite shade so far is ‘Tone’, and I’ll be wearing that one a lot. Heck, I could even combine shades from the two palettes to get some really interesting looks!

The pigments of this palette are pretty good, although again the lightest shades tend to vanish. Those are definitely inner eye corner shades, they don’t pop enough on the lid for my liking.

I know there’s been a lot of debate and criticism over the more affordable makeup brands doing these duplicate palettes, and I get why it’s a problem – it’s akin to all the knock-off designer bags and watches and whatnot. On the flip side, it gives those of us who are not able to afford the more expensive brands a way of getting the look without spending more than we can easily manage.

The formulas of each brand are different and there are additional or fewer shades in the cheaper palettes, which I think is their way of not totally copying the higher-end brands. The difference between the palettes and the designer knock offs is that the cheaper brands aren’t trying to claim that they are the higher end brand – it’s like the totally-not-Valentino shoes I got from Primark, it’s ‘get the look’ but you know it’s different and it’s not pretending to be any other brand. The question will be if the brands can ever copyright a colour or a combination of colours, and I’m not sure how that could be managed.

Regardless, I’m going to enjoy my new makeup palettes. I’m going to have to buy a few new brushes as well, I simply don’t own enough eyeshadow brushes to cover all the shades!

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