Victoria Visits: The Chelsea Harbour Hotel

This past weekend, we (mum and I) were invited to a gathering at the Chelsea Harbour Hotel. Despite having been past this place a ton of times, both on the train and on foot, I’ve never been in, so I was quite excited to see what it was like.

First of all, getting there was a bind. It should have been easy – train to one station, then hop on another train that stops pretty much right outside the hotel – but no, there were engineering works meaning that our second train wasn’t running. And nor was our alternative route, so thanks for that, rail companies.

We got there eventually and I was distracted by the presence of a matte black Ferrari parked outside when we arrived, so I didn’t take any photos of the entrance or the lobby (or the car, for that matter – what’s wrong with me, readers?). I did manage to take some photos of the view from the dining room, which overlooks the harbour itself.


I imagine when we’re not in the depths of winter that the terrace is a nice place to sit and watch the boats. I like boats, so I think a trip back here on a summer’s day for cocktails outside might be in order.

Sunday’s visit was definitely all about the food. And what food it was – just look at this starter platter of meats that we got:


The chorizo and that salami were really something, I tell you. There was a small plate of rolls to eat with this too, so I made myself a salami, chorizo and cornichon (baby gherkin) sandwich. I know, I know… it tasted better than it sounds, trust me. There was another platter with a small caesar salad, prawns, smoked salmon and what looked like a lobster cobb salad on it, but I didn’t take a photo of it, nor did I eat anything off it. I was all about the continental meat platter.

I was as full as an egg after eating my share of this platter, but the food wasn’t finished with yet. A platter showed up with roast beef, Yorkshire puddings, rosemary roasted chicken and chargrilled langoustines. Plus a pot of roast potatoes and vegetables.

This was my view on that platter:


I don’t usually eat roast beef, but I made an exception for this because it was so freaking good. Cooked to perfection, with not too much fat on it, if I knew every piece of beef was going to taste like this one did, I’d start eating it again. The gravy was perfection as well, and I could honestly have drunk the whole jug, but I had to share. This is the problem with large gatherings, you can’t totally hog the things you like best.

And the food wasn’t done coming yet. Next was a dessert platter. I’m going to let the picture do the talking. Note that there were two profiteroles on the plate too, but the waiter put the board down right in front of me and I’m basically The Profiterole Monster, so they got eaten before Mum pointed out I hadn’t photographed it.


And you know what the best thing about this dessert platter was? Apart from the cheesecake (which had mango in it, and I can’t eat mango) I could eat everything on the platter. I have allergies, and to find a plate of almost totally safe desserts is a rarity for me. In fact, the whole meal was safe for me. Again, this is a rarity, and I know that the person who organised the meal doesn’t know about my allergies. So full marks to the hotel for unintentionally providing a completely safe meal.

We’re definitely coming back here, even if it is just for drinks on the terrace in the summer, although I think another meal might be in order – not on the scale of this one, but I’d love to try the rest of the menu at this place.

I’m going to be thinking about yesterday’s meal a lot. Really am. In fact, I’m thinking about it right now, as I gaze at the ready meal I’m about to consume for lunch. Writing this post has made me crave more of those profiteroles too, so I might have to make some of my own this week and experiment to see if I can drag the same flavours out of mine as were in the ones I had yesterday.

You can find out more about the Chelsea Harbour Hotel here.

(All opinions in this post are my own and I was not paid for this review.)

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