March Budget Makeup Finds

I’ve decided to do a monthly test of budget makeup – it’s fun to find cheaper products to integrate into my collection, and February’s post was quite well-received, so let’s do it all again in March!

These are the three products I’ll be testing out this month:


We have the following:

  • Collection Cosmetics Lasting Perfection concelear in shade 0, Extra Fair (£4.19)
  • Collection Cosmetics Primed & Ready Eye Primer (£4.99)
  • Makeup Gallery Makeup Stippling Brush (£1)

Initial impressions of all three are ‘not bad’, especially with the concealer. I did some swatches of it so you can see the shade, and let me tell you now, I’m impressed with the formula.


From left to right here we have Benefit Boing! Concealer in the lightest shade, Benefit Fake Up in the lightest shade and the Collection concealer. You can see the Collection shade is the lightest by far – I swatched it and was wondering how I’d survived with the shades of the Benefit concealers for so long. They’re almost orangey, and seeing as the Fake Up goes under my eye, you’d think that would look weird, but for some reason they never have. The Collection concealer is more my colour for definite, and I added my MAC Studio Fix foundation in NW10 to the swatches just to compare:


The Collection concealer looks much closer to the foundation than the Benefit ones do. The lighting here isn’t great but in real life, it looks very close, so we will see how that goes when I start using it on a daily basis.

The Primed & Ready eye primer was more of a necessity purchase than an impulse buy. My beloved Too Faced Shadow Insurance is running out and try as I might to eke it out as long as possible, it’s going to be finished this weekend and I’ve not had a chance to get to the Too Faced counter to get another one, so I thought I’d try the Collection cosmetics one.


I’ve tried this product on the back of my hand and it’s a really, really nice feel – I’ll be doing it it’s own review later in the month as I use it with my Cargo palette to see how it deals with fallout, but first impressions on the back of my hand are good. It’s translucent with a slight glow, which for more mature eyes like mine that need a bit of brightening up, is a good thing.

The final product was a total impulse buy. I stepped into Poundland to get some envelopes and walked past the makeup display. This brush sort of… spoke to me. I’ve never had a stippling brush before, but I thought ‘this one’s a pound, let’s give it a go’ so I’ve got a nice budget brush to try out and see if I really need or want a stippling brush.

It’s synthetic, and it’s very soft. Here’s a detail of the head:


We will see how this performs – I have brushes from MAC, Real Techniques and Spectrum Collections so it will be interesting to compare them against this one. I’m expecting shedding, but it was only £1, so if it really sucks, it can go in the bin. I’m not going to cry over losing £1 on a crummy makeup brush.

I’ll report back on March 30th with my thoughts on these. Until then, thanks for reading, and let me know if you’ve tried any of these and what your thoughts are on them.

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