Rediscovered: Manic Panic Dreamtone Flawless Foundation


I made a boo-boo this week. I went into Superdrug to pick up some foundation to try, and I picked up the wrong colour because the tubes had all got mixed up on the display. Me being me, I didn’t look properly, and assumed that everything in the ‘Porcelain’ row would be, well, porcelain.

Not so. I accidentally picked up a tube in the shade ‘Ivory’ of this particular foundation, and hoo boy, it’s way too dark. It would work for me when I get my feeble ‘tan’ in the summer months, but not right now when I’m at my regular porcelain princess skin tone.

I was moaning about getting the wrong colour to a friend of mine, and she said ‘didn’t you buy some white foundation for a cosplay? You could mix that to lighten it.’ and something in my brain went ‘ding’. I had bought white foundation for a cosplay that never saw the light of day (I still aim to do it one day) and had ended up just using the white foundation for Halloween parties and the like. So, I reasoned, it’s got to be somewhere, and off I went searching in the depths of my cupboards.

After a lot of rummaging, I found it – the Manic Panic Dreamtone Flawless Foundation & Colour Corrector in ‘Virgin’. I’m one of these people who prefers to just buy the right shade of foundation in the first place, but by mixing this into the wrongly-toned foundation, it could save a trip back to the shops to exchange it.

So I had a go, and, well, the difference is pretty amazing. The mix is on the left, and the original foundation on the right:


I found that by dispensing the white first, then adding the foundation into it, that works best, because of the texture of the foundation, which is Rimmel’s Stay Matte liquid mousse. If I try it the other way round, it doesn’t work as well and the foundation goes lumpy. It looks super pale on the back of my hand, but yes, my face is pretty pale right now, plus the lighting in here isn’t great so I think it photographs paler than it actually is.

Possibly fake shade results from photography aside, the fact is that the Manic Panic foundation has stopped me from having to return a product that’s the wrong colour. And it also gives it a really nice texture – the Stay Matte can be a bit thick, but mixed with the Manic Panic, it’s much easier to work with and blends out a lot better.

I mix them on a mirror – mixing on glass seems to yield the best results – and using the brush I’m going to apply it with works best too, because then you can get straight to blending. I’ve only done a test amount for this post, but you get the general idea.


This blends out just fine with a Beauty Blender, so after I’ve put it on with the brush I just blend it as normal.

I’m glad I rediscovered the Manic Panic white foundation/colour corrector. Not only did it save me a trip back to return something (and our branch of Superdrug can be really awkward about things being returned) it now means I can colour correct literally anything. I have a cream bronzer that is far too dark, and I reckon that by adding the Manic Panic, I can lighten it just enough.

Plus I might just finish that cosplay. Might. You never know!

(All opinions in this post are my own and I was not paid to review any products that are mentioned.)

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