March Budget Makeup Finds: The Verdict


It’s Easter week, so chaos reigns getting ready for Easter Sunday, but I’ve finally found some time to sit down and give you all the verdict on the three budget makeup items I’ve been trialling this month.

There was a hit, a miss, and a ‘not bothered either way’, so let’s jump in and find out how I really felt about these products.

Collection Lasting Perfection Concealer


Hit, Miss or not bothered?

Hit. Very definitely a hit. I can confidently say I have found a new concealer to replace both my Benefit ones, and it’s a snip at £4.19.


I love the formula, it gives great coverage and it’s the perfect shade for me (I wear 0, Extra Fair). It glides on my under-eye so easily and the applicator is the perfect size to get right into the corner of your under-eye. It blends out well. It’s a good spot concealer for those breakouts that sometimes happen. It brightens, it stays in place and it doesn’t crease. Total win for me. There were even some days I forgot to set my under-eye and it didn’t budge. What more can you ask for in a concealer, especially one that retails for under £5? Collection have got an absolute gem here.


Yes. A thousand times yes. I’m off to buy one in a couple of weeks before my holiday so I can keep one in my travel bag and one at home.

Collection Cosmetics Primed & Ready Eye Primer


Hit, Miss or not bothered?

Not bothered. It’s not good, it’s not bad, it’s… okay.


It mostly kept my eye makeup in place but I think it feels a little weird on the lid, and it takes some time to dry after you’ve applied it. One thing I noticed about this product was how it performs depends on what kind of shadow you’re applying over the top of it. This primer does not like cream shadows. It made my Bobbi Brown cream shadow crease and rub off for the first time in the years I’ve been using the shadow, but with powder shadows, it’s just fine. For £4.99, it wasn’t bad, but I definitely prefer my Too Faced Shadow Insurance.


No. Like I said, it’s okay, but I prefer my Shadow Insurance, which I know works with any formula of shadow and doesn’t take as long to dry when you’ve applied it to your lid. If I was stuck for an eye primer though, I would grab a tube of this. So I’d repurchase it if there were literally no other options available to me.

Makeup Gallery Makeup Stippling Brush


Hit, Miss or not bothered?

Miss. Big fat miss.


It’s pants. It’s scratchy, unlike its angled brush sister and it does something so odd I’m not quite sure how to explain this.

It actually absorbs product into the bristles and removes it from your face.

That’s really the only way I can describe what it does. And then the question is, where the frack does the product go after it’s been absorbed? There’s no staining on the bristles, so… is this some kind of Vanishing Cabinet for makeup? It doesn’t matter if you use this with high end or budget products, it does the exact same thing. Concealer, foundation, you name it, it just… vanishes. And the consistency of the product doesn’t matter either, because it does it with liquids, mousses, creams and powders (although it doesn’t actually pick up any of the powder in the first place).

Not the best product. It’s being re-purposed for craft use, because I’d like to see it play the same trick with acrylic paint.


Absolutely not.


So that was March’s budget makeup finds. The three products destined for use in April have been ordered, and I’ll be posting them up after the Easter weekend.

If you’ve tried any of these products, let me know how you got on with them. Everyone is different, and products work differently for everyone.

Enjoy the Easter break, guys!

(All opinions in this post are my own and I was not paid to review these products.)


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