New favourites: Naobay Equilibria Gel to Milk cleanser


As someone who has dry, mature and rather problematic skin, I find it very hard to get face washes that don’t dry me out to the point of going completely flaky. In fact, I used to hardly wash my face with water or a face wash at all, preferring to use cleansing lotions instead, but over the past few months I’ve been using face washes more, and my skin has been okay. For a while, I was using the Morning Clear face wash by Amie, which I think is a brilliant product – it’s soft, not drying and really does wake you up.

The Amie product ran out recently, and instead of repurchasing it straight away, I dived into my little stash of Glossybox Products I’ve Not Tried Yet and decided to have a go with the Naobay Equilibria Gel to Milk cleanser.

I admit to having a healthy skepticism when it comes to products that claim to go from one state to another. So for this one to claim to go from ‘gel to milk’, well, it made me raise an eyebrow. It’s definitely a gel when you squidge it out onto your hand. In fact, it looks like honey.


And it feels like honey too, which is quite nice, if a little odd at first. It applies to the skin easily. It is a bit sticky, but the stickiness is worth putting up with because of how nice your face feels after you’ve used this.

The magic (the gel to milk change) happens when water is added to the product. From a golden gel, it turns into a wonderful light milk that glides over your face. It removes makeup really well, and skin feels soft after rinsing. I don’t have a shot of it turning to milk (I don’t take my phone into the bathroom) but it does turn white and milky, which is exactly what you’d expect. It rinses off easily as well, and I felt very refreshed after using it.

My only real bugbear with it is the packaging.


The hole is quite big, and the product has a tendency to ooze out and collect in the lid. I’d like to see the packaging changed to a small pump or a squeezy lid rather than this, because it really is messy and you have to make sure you open the tube with the lid facing upwards if you don’t want it to spoo all over your bathroom counter. I’ve taken to storing this lying down just so it doesn’t leak everywhere – I’m not saying it will, but I am very much a believer in not tempting fate!

Packaging aside, I really like this product. I need to find where I can get another tube of this, because it’s definitely being repurchased when it runs out. I use this as my morning cleanser, and my Elemis Pro-Collagen Cleansing Balm in the evening, and the two seem to be doing a really good job of making my skin very soft. I still get dry patches, but unless the pharmaceutical dudes can change the side effects of my medication, that’s not going to change any time soon.

Have any of you guys tried this? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

(All opinions in this post are my own and I was not paid to review this product.)


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