Experiments in gardening

For the second year in a row, my family is trying to grow tomatoes. Last year’s were a success, so we figured we would try again.


Three little tomato plants, chilling in their pots. I’ll explain what’s in the trough later in the post, and please excuse the trash and general crud in this photo, we are having renovations in the house and garden, and All The Crap is currently in the back garden awaiting a skip so we can get rid of it.

Mess aside, we’ve branched out from just tomatoes.


As you can see, there’s a lot of new stuff in our planters – these planters are from Squires Garden Centre, and they’re so lovely. They’re nice and deep, even the small one, and they kind of look like a honeycomb.

So there’s obviously more tomatoes in the smallest planter, but what else are we growing?

In the middle sized planter to the right of shot, we’ve got some chives. The planter is awaiting some basil and some sage, but the garden centre didn’t have any of those so I need to go back and have a look next week to see if they’ve restocked yet. The biggest planter has oregano, parsley, thyme and rosemary in it. You can see the parsley plant has already gone a bit nova, so I need to cut that back.

We’ve not grown herbs before. We kind of know what we’re doing with tomato plants, but herbs are an unknown quantity. I figure as long as we keep them watered and fed, they should be okay.

We’re also trying to grow strawberries.


Since I took this picture, these plants have absolutely thrived and are starting to bud strawberries already. I hope we get a good crop, because there’s nothing like fresh, home-grown berries with some ice cream as dessert in the summer.

We’re also trying beetroot for the first time.


We have never grown beetroot before. Ever. The instructions said to plant 30cm apart, but we read somewhere else it doesn’t matter, so we’ve planted them in our largest trough and are going to keep an eye on them. We can always repot them if necessary.

That’s our adventures in growing our own. I’ll report back when we get our first crops – these have only been planted for a week, so not much is happening right now. Apart from the parsley – that seems set on world domination!


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