April Budget Makeup Finds: The Verdict


Another month is over, and another three products have been thoroughly tested out. This month’s victims are detailed in this post and I’ve been using them almost every day, and we’ve got two hits and a miss this month, so read on to find out which ones I rated and which one was epic fail.

Poundland Eyelash Curler


Hit, Miss or Not Bothered?

Miss. Massive miss.


Let’s just say you get what you pay for. This eyelash curler is… pretty bad. The curve of the actual curler part isn’t enough of a curve to fit it around the eye, for starters. It’s literally impossible to get it situated right so you can get your lashes in between the pads. Which are so cheaply made it’s unreal. They aren’t glued in and fall out as soon as you open the curler. It also bends if you apply enough pressure so… nope.


Nope. Not even as an emergency backup. I’d rather buy a more expensive one that I know would last.

The Creme Shop Diamond Cut Blending Sponge


Hit, Miss or Not Bothered?

Hit. It’s far better than I expected it to be, if I’m honest.


It’s just a good little sponge. It’s a grower when it gets wet – seriously, this thing easily doubles in size! The flat surface is great for blending foundation over large areas and the really pointed tip means you can get right up into your under-eye for blending concealer and also in the crease of your nostrils. It’s as good as the Real Techniques Diamond Sponge, in my view (which I also own). It doesn’t absorb that much product and it’s easy to clean.

My only tiny, tiny bugbear with it is that it’s already starting to disintegrate:


See the little holes? That’s the first sign of a sponge breaking apart. I have used it every single day this month (and excuse how dirty it is, I didn’t get a chance to clean it before the photo) so it’s seen a bit of abuse. For a cheaper sponge it’s freakin’ good, guys. Don’t expect the amazing quality of a Real Techniques or a Beauty Blender, but if you’re on a budget, pick up one of these guys.


Yes. I do like this sponge a lot!

Marina & Demme Glow On Highlighting & Strobing Palette


Hit, Miss or Not Bothered?

Hit. Definitely a hit.


Check out these swatches:


They’re a tad on the powdery-fallout side, but the glow these highlighters give is really nice. They’re not blinding, just enough of a glow to make me happy. I’ve only swatched the three colours I’ve used this month (the others don’t suit me as highlighters but work as eyeshadow) and apart from some fallout, which I can live with, these are very nice.

The more gold-toned colour works best if you blend it into a bronzer, by the way, and dust it on your collarbone. I’ve looked very healthy during the past few sunny days we’ve had. I like these. I’ll be using these till I hit pan, you can count on that.


I like them, but I don’t think I’ll be buying this palette again after I’ve finished it. Why? Because I don’t need this many highlight shades. I can live with just the blue and the gold. It is a good palette, but when it’s done, I won’t be getting it again.


So that was April’s budget makeup finds. Tune in on Wednesday to find out which products will be put to the test in May!


3 thoughts on “April Budget Makeup Finds: The Verdict

  1. Re: eyelash curler. I’ve been using one from ELF for actual years. I’ve had to replace the pads a few times, but it works really well for me.


    1. I’m going to check out some Primark makeup and stuff soon, I saw the eyelash curler and thought ‘hmm, need to give that a go’ and now you’ve said it’s a good one, I definitely am going to try it! Rose gold is always a win 🙂

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