May Makeup Finds: The Verdict


It’s that time of the month again, guys! How have the products I’ve been trying out fared this month? We’ve got two misses and a ‘eh’ this month, so without further ado let’s get into it and find out what’s good, what’s not and why not.

Skin Chemists 24 Hour Aqua Repair Facial Serum


Hit, Miss or Not Bothered?



It’s sticky. It’s horrible and sticky and it sits on your face like PVA glue – remember at school when you used to cover your hands in PVA then peel it off? Yeah. This is how this feels on my face. I’m not sure why it doesn’t sink in to my skin but nope, it just sits there and dries and feels really, really grim.


Nope! And I’m glad I didn’t buy it in the first place – a strong contender for a Bad Product From a Glossybox this time round.

e.l.f Illuminating Face Primer


Hit, Miss or Not Bothered?

Not bothered – it’s neither good nor bad, it’s just… eh.


Well, first of all there’s the packaging, which really ticked me off. Look at this, guys:


I feel so cheated. I honestly thought that the colour showing through the bottle was the actual product, not a dispenser. I just… I can’t even! This is really misleading. And not everyone would unscrew the pump to see what’s going on. So actually, you’re getting far less product than you think you are. I know it was only £7.50 but I feel so ripped off right now.

That said, as a primer, it’s not too bad. There are glitter particles in it, but they’re not as bad as some reviewers have made out and they do give your skin a lovely glow when you put your foundation over them. I’m only not giving this a ‘hit’ rating because of the damn packaging.


No. Just because of the packaging!

Model Co 3D Lash Primer


Hit, Miss or Not Bothered?



It made my eyelashes go crispy. Enough said – what a disaster, after my initial enthusiasm for the product. Obviously when I’d tried it before, the mascara I had on with it disguised the crispyness. That, or I was too drunk to care. Either way, now I’ve tried it properly, it’s not great. It might work for some people, but it made my eyes itch like fury. Plus it wouldn’t come off properly, even with my super-mega eye makeup remover. No thank you!


No. I’d rather wear a more uncomfortable pair of false lashes to get the look I want rather than use this again.


So not a good month, guys! Tune in next week for the June products – what am I going to be testing next month? It’s got to be better than these!

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