Long Term Test: NYX Hydratouch Primer


I have a problem. When I see the word ‘Hydra’ in any product, I instantly think of the Hydra from Greek mythology with all its heads. I suspect that’s just me, and I know that it’s meant to be used in the context of ‘hydration’ but… yeah. I sometimes wonder if the people who think of the names for these products actually do know what a Hydra is, but never mind.

Moving swiftly on, the reason I bought this primer is because my skin hates summer, and heatwaves in particular. I’ve recently started a temp job in an office that blasts fans all day to cool us down (no air con because it’s an ‘eco’ building, which apparently means we get to sweat to death) and it dries out my already dry skin something awful.

My regular Figs & Rouge primer isn’t coping with this change in environment, or the recent heatwave here in the UK that we still seem to be having (please stop with the 30 degree plus temperatures, I am not built for this). So I had to start looking for a different primer that might actually work.

I found this one, and I am hopeful.

NYX isn’t a brand I’ve ever used before, and it’s only recently been introduced into my local Boots store. So buying it was a bit off the norm for me – usually I’d just head straight for Smashbox or Revlon for a primer and not even think about it, but both were sold out of anything remotely hydrating, so I had to branch out and try a different brand.

I’ve read good things about this primer in regards to how it is with dry skin, so I decided to subject it to a long term test. It is hard to test properly in a heatwave because well, sweat just ruins everything, so I’ll be trying this one out into the autumn months and beyond. If it can cope with my winter skin, I will be doubly impressed.

First impressions of it are good. The packaging is cute (I love the colour of the tube) and the product itself feels nice. It’s like a gel, and I’m not sure if this is just me, but it feels really cooling when I apply it. It could be because it’s been so ragingly hot in the mornings that anything hitting my skin feels cool, so you see why it’s not great to test in a heatwave? Skewed results mean nothing, people!

I have noticed that it seems to respond differently to different foundations, but I need to test this more – again, the extreme heat has made it really hard to judge new makeup properly when old faithfuls are failing. I’ve got a little cream blusher stick that’s just falling off my face in the heat, when I know full well it normally lasts through a work day and well into the evening. The only thing that’s surviving from my longwear stuff is the Kat Von D Tattoo Liner, but I reckon that could actually survive the apocalypse.

But it’s a good start for this primer – what wear I do get out of makeup in this heat seems to be longer than it is with other primers, so that’s a positive, and my skin isn’t so dry when I remove my makeup in the evenings. We will see how it holds up over the months, and I’ll report back in December.

Have any of you readers tried this product? What did you think? Let me know in the comments!

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