Make it stop

Fashion Cat seems to be enjoying the heat. Here he is pictured sleeping in a position where he can charge his solar tummy cells.

His hoomans, on the other hand, are not enjoying the heat.

We thought it might have stopped when the rains came the other day but no. We’re back up to plus-30 celsius temperatures and frankly, I’m done.

I do not function well in heat. Runny makeup aside, it’s actually very hard to cope with a chronic illness in this heat. Because of what my crohns does (makes me use the bathroom a lot) I spend a lot of time feeling ill in far too hot bathrooms, and also I heat up when I’m digesting food, so add that on top of super mega evil heat and I’m basically a little ball of sweaty misery.

Work let us out early today. Someone passed out.

Yep. It’s that hot.

Really not loving this. At all.

And I’m going to Brands Hatch at the weekend – I will be heading for my favourite tree-shaded spot and staying there. Ugh. Lemonade all day!

How are my fellow Brits coping? Hating it too?

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