What’s on my dressing table?


A freakin’ mess is what’s on my dressing table at the moment!

Joking aside, and excusing the total mess that is on there, this is everything I use on a daily basis. There are some real gems in there, and some not so good products, so let me take you on a tour of chaos and introduce you to my dressing table heroes and villains.

Bonus points if you can pick out these products in the photo! Think of it like a beauty table Where’s Wally? activity.


  • Nivea Sun SPF 50: I am pale. I burn as soon as I step outside in the summer. Anything lower than SPF 50 does nothing for me. I slather this stuff on my body and face if I have to go outside. The good thing is that it doesn’t interfere with makeup, unlike some SPF’s I have used in the past. I put that on, then leave it for a while to sink in before applying my primer. It’s great.
  • Cargo Getaway palette: I found this in TK Maxx for £12 and being as I adore all things Cargo, I had to buy it. It’s become a real staple over the summer, and I wear the shades Roadtrip and Luggage most days in whatever eye look I’ve decided to create – Luggage is a really nice inner corner shade. It’s one of my favourite palettes ever, and that’s a bold statement because I’ve owned some really good ones.
  • Nip & Fab glycolic face peel: This is a relatively new addition to my table, and it’s a welcome one. This is simply one of the best exfoliators I’ve used for a long time. But beware if you have sensitive skin, it’s quite a rough exfoliant and also the smell is rather… strange… and takes a bit of getting used to. I only use it twice a week and that’s plenty. It hasn’t made me break out and some face scrubs have in the past. A definite hero, and one I’ll be buying again.


  • Spectrum Collections fan brush (you can just see it peeking out from under my Real Techniques face brush with the gold handle): It’s a pretty brush, but it’s a little flimsy for my liking. I used to have a really thick, robust fan brush that I used but it started to lose bristles like crazy, so it was replaced by the Spectrum fan brush. In hindsight I almost wish I’d kept the one that was shedding, because it was still thicker than this one and better at dispensing product onto my skin. I am searching for another dense fan brush, but they don’t seem to be that common. They all seem to be rather flimsy!
  • PM Face Mask: I forget which brand this is, but it’s not great. I had two (one from a beauty box and one I was given by a friend because she doesn’t like sheet masks and thought I might enjoy it) but having used one, it didn’t do anything for me and in fact it broke me out worse than anything I’ve put on my face for a long time. I should toss it or donate it but still it sits, lurking, on my table.
  • Mark Hill Argan Oil comb: This actively makes my hair greasy. I don’t know why – I guess the oil is in the blobs on the end of the comb teeth but the fact is every time I use it, my hair gets really, really greasy and shiny in the bad way. My hair is, by nature, bone dry so for this to happen is really strange!


So that’s what’s lurking in the chaos of the dressing table. I need to tidy up, and talking about the stuff I don’t like has made me want to have a proper clearout now. I acknowledge I need more storage, but my room is small and I don’t have the space or budget for the beauty storage I would really like to have.

What’s on your dressing table, readers? Let me know about your heroes and villains in the comments.

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