A visit from A Very Big Thing

So on Sunday (August 19th) a giant electrical transformer was being moved to its new home at a substation in Byfleet.

It crawled along the M25 before coming off at junction 11 and making its way to the substation.

We were lucky enough to see it! We had planned to see it anyway, but we really had to leg it to catch it as it dealt with the large roundabout at the end of our road.

Watch this. It’s pretty cool.

I know it’s not as big as some stuff that gets hauled in the US and Australia and some of you guys are probably thinking ‘that’s really small’ but for Surrey, it’s a big deal. We have some very small roads and to just even think of this giant thing making its way around them was mind-boggling.

I’m glad we saw it. As I write it’s probably been rehomed into the substation. I’m glad I saw it, and I wish we’d got up earlier and left earlier to see it! Then I wouldn’t have had to run because my lungs are not happy with me right now.

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