Product review: So Eco Complexion Sponge

I’m not normally the kind of person to buy eco products – my body doesn’t have a very good track record with them. Eco washing up liquid brings me out in hives, eco-shampoo and conditioner makes me itch, and it seems my body likes parabens quite a lot, thank you.

Eco-friendly makeup tools, however, aren’t something I’d ever tried before, and quite frankly, I’d like to see an eco-tool break me out in hives. So when the need arose for a new beauty sponge, I thought I’d give this one a go.


I found it in Tesco for £6. For a single sponge, that’s not too bad, and it really does just look like a green version of a Beauty Blender. I’d never heard of the brand it’s from before, but I was feeling brave and bought it.

The packaging is cute, and is recyclable. The sponge itself is cruelty free, which is good, and the whole ethos of the brand seems to be responsible and green.

I can get behind that.

Anyway, on to the actual sponge. Out of the box, it’s basically a mint green version of a beauty blender – the egg shape we’re very used to.


And even though it doesn’t say to, I dampened it. I have no idea if I was meant to or not, but the packaging didn’t say either way, so under the tap it went.

It didn’t change size hardly at all. In fact I might very well have the following image and the one above the wrong way round. One is wet, one is not. I literally can’t tell.


I was expecting it to puff up and go huge like most other beauty sponges I’ve tried, but it didn’t. Still, onwards with the test, and how it actually applies makeup.

This is not a soft sponge. It doesn’t squish much when you bounce it on your face, and as I’m used to the Real Techniques sponges or a regular Beauty Blender, this one felt kind of a let-down in comparison. A family member remarked that even my un-dampened RT sponge was softer than the wet version of this.

It left my foundation in weird circular patches on my skin, and it felt like I was knocking something hard against my face. It didn’t feel like a sponge should (at least not to me) and it didn’t blend my foundation as well as other sponges do.

It also absorbs a load of product – I realise that the new Revlon Colorstay formula is quite runny, but two pumps normally does for my entire face (with some left for touching up any areas that need a little extra help) yet with this sponge I had to use three because it sucked it all up.

That said… it’s a godsend for loose powder when it’s dry. This little tool is the best sponge I have used to date for applying loose powder to bake your concealer with. The fact it isn’t super-soft means that it doesn’t try and further blend your freshly-applied concealer and you can really layer the powder on with it. The point lets you get right up in the corner of your under eye and yes, I think this is the calling for this sponge. I was trying it with the Maybelline Fit Me loose powder in Translucent. I’ve yet to try it with a pressed powder but I have a feeling it will work just as well.

And I am glad this sponge does have a place in my makeup box – I’ve started preferring to use a sponge over a brush for applying powder to bake with, and to find a relatively stiff sponge that works nicely is a good thing.

For foundation application, though, I’ll be sticking to my Beauty Blender and RT sponges – this sponge isn’t soft enough for my liking, and it sucked up the product way too much.

The price is good too, and it’s easy enough to clean – soap and water work just fine – although it has already stained from where I tried to put on foundation with it. I think whether you like this sponge or not comes down to personal preference, and as someone who loves a really soft sponge for foundation application, it doesn’t cut it for me.

I’ve checked out the rest of the range online, and I’m quite looking forward to trying some of their brushes too. If you’re keen on being green, this range would be worth checking out.


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