Bye bye summer

It’s almost September. There’s a chill in the air. All the shops have ‘back to school’ stuff in them. The leaves are starting to turn.

And it’s still warm.

I read that we are in for an Indian Summer, here in the UK. I’m not quite sure what to think about that – I am very much done with the heat, and summer in general. Wasps can sod off back to where they came from, and I want to put my sandals away.

It looks like I might have to wait a while to put my sandals away, because the temperatures are still above 20 next week – here’s a snapshot of the weather for next Sunday in my area.

Yeah. Still summer temperatures to me. But it’s September, guys. Please can we have a decent autumn? Summer has been hellish – too hot, too dry and too long for my liking. I’ve been burned twice through factor 50 and I’m just done with the heat.

A nice week under fifteen degrees would be lovely, thanks. I live for knitwear, and my jumpers are champing at the bit to be let out of storage.

So if we do get an Indian Summer, we had better get one hella cold winter to make up for it.

You listening, Mother Nature?

Probably not.

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