Product Review: Paris Hilton Blush Brush


It’s a sad day when a favourite brush finally dies, and it’s a hard task finding a replacement. My over ten years old blush brush (mostly used for bronzer and highlighter in its last days) gave up the ghost a little while ago and was consigned to the bin. So I went looking for a replacement.

I had been intending to just get a straight up replacement from the same brand as my old one, but there weren’t any brushes available in Superdrug that had small enough heads. I like smaller heads on my blush brushes, and everything seemed to be super big and fluffy. They could have just been out of stock, but I wasn’t really prepared to wait. Boots didn’t have anything I liked either, so off I went to TK Maxx as a last resort.

I’ve blogged before about products from TK Maxx, so not everything in there is a total bust. I’m still very fond of the Creme Shop diamond sponge, but I’d never dived into the actual brush selection at TK Maxx before.

As usual, it’s a collection of Brands That Used To Be Cool or Ones You’ve Never Heard Of. I bypassed most of those and went for one from someone I’d actually heard of, and that was Paris Hilton. I knew she had brought out a makeup line, but I didn’t realise there were brushes too.

I freely admit I was massively swayed by the packaging. I mean just… just look at it in the photo above. And the actual brush itself is beautiful.


This is like Spectrum Collections-level prettiness, guys. And literally all of her brush line that my local TK Maxx has available is as wonderfully glitzy as this one. The crystals in the handle are loose, so you can shake them, if you feel so inclined. They make a curiously satisfying noise.

The actual head of the brush is gloriously dense. If there’s one thing I can’t stand, it’s a thin, weedy brush. It feels lovely and thick when a finger is run over it, and it’s just as nice a feel on the face. It’s very soft, and it picks up product wonderfully.

Because this brush is so dense, it works just as well with cream products as it does with powder. You can swirl, dab and dust (it has done duty brushing off loose powder after baking as well), and it’s performed each task admirably. It’s rare to find a brush that can do this much this well, so I think I’ve lucked out with this one. And to think I only bought it to apply highlighter with! It also washes well and shedding is minimal, but I think every brush, regardless of price or brand, sheds some of its bristles.

I will admit I wasn’t expecting this brush to be as good as it is. That’s a prejudice against TK Maxx though – a lot of stuff from there (especially makeup) can be a bit on the sketchy side and in my experience the sketchy stuff outweighs the odd gem of a product that you might find. That said, I’m very tempted to go back and get more of this brush line – if the rest of the brushes are as good as this one, I will be lining them up as replacements for my other elderly brushes.

And then there’s the price.


I am struggling to find the actual proper retail price for this brush (TK Maxx is after all a discount store) and the tag just says ‘Our Price: £3.99’. I’m not sure if this line was sort of ninja’d into the shops or if it’s just available in the discount stores (this article from Refinery 29 seems to suggest it was a bit of a stealth launch) so I will continue to have a dig around and update you if I do find any more information, or see it anywhere else apart from TK Maxx and eBay.

I really do like this brush. I’m very picky about brushes, and to find one that looks so pretty, costs so little and can do so much is a rarity. This one will definitely have a long, happy life in my makeup bag – in fact, I may go back and buy a second one so when it does die, I don’t have to search around for a replacement. Yes, I think it’s that good.

Have any of you readers tried the Paris Hilton brush line? Let me know what you think about it in the comments!


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