September Glossybox Contents


It’s been a while since I did a Glossybox post, so in the spirit of getting back on track, I present to you the September box! The theme is ‘Back To School’ for your skin, and the box contains six products instead of the usual five to ‘help you prep and get organised this September’.

Here’s a better view of the contents of the box:


And this month we have:

  • Bang Beauty Eyebrow Cream
  • Wild Garden Pure & Fabulous Body Mist
  • BeautyPro Detoxifying Bubbling Mask with Activated Charcoal
  • Karl Lagerfeld + Model Co Lip Liner in Rosewood
  • Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox
  • Wet Ones Be Fresh Antibacterial Wipes

It’s a nice box this month, and I can’t wait to get stuck in to the contents. Let’s take a closer look:

Bang Beauty Eyebrow Cream


I’m always after better brow products, and I have never tried an eyebrow cream before, so using this will be first for me! It’s the right shade as well, which is good, and it came with a little itty bitty brush to apply it with. It feels nice and soft, and I will be trying it out for the rest of the month instead of my usual MAC pencil, so I’ll report back and let you guys know what I thought of it.

Also, as with everything from Bang Beauty, the packaging is lovely:


I love these cute little pots. I’m not sure why I like them so much, but to me they’re some of the most gorgeous packaging of any brand. They look lovely on my dressing table!

Wild Garden Pure & Fabulous Body Mist


This scent (waterlily) isn’t really my thing, so I’ve given this to my mum already. It is a nice scent, just not my style at all, but it’s perfectly hers, so it’s been rehomed. The mist itself is lovely, the mister dispenses it nice and finely, and I know Mum is going to use this a lot.

BeautyPro Detoxifying Bubbling Mask with Activated Charcoal


I’ve used this already, and it worked so well on my dry skin. I feel extremely soft this morning (it’s early Sunday morning as I’m writing this, and I used the mask on Saturday night) and I’ve not even washed my face or moisturised yet. I feel so wonderfully clean as well – give this one a go, as it’s one of the better sheet masks I’ve tried out this year.

Karl Lagerfeld + ModelCo Lip Liner in Rosewood


This is a nice, dusty rose-pink liner… and it’s been pinched by my mum, because it matches one of her lipsticks perfectly! From the one swatch I did before it made its way to Mum’s makeup drawer, it’s a very nice, creamy formula – I’ll get her thoughts on this and report back soon. If it was my colour, I’d definitely use it, but I wear slightly more nude shades than this one or super-dark reds. I’m not a rose pink person. I’m going to have to hunt out if there are shades of this that match my lipstick collection!

Grow Gorgeous Scalp Detox


I’ve genuinely never even heard of a scalp exfoliant before, so I’m curious to try this when I wash my hair tonight. I do have a dry scalp as well as dry skin, so it does make sense to exfoliate the scalp as well. It says it has castor oil beads in it, so I’m wondering if they pop and moisturise your scalp as well. I’m looking forward to using this one!

Wet Ones Be Fresh Antibacterial Wipes


There’s really not much to say about these, other than a well-prepared person should always have a packet of Wet Ones in their bag. So these will be going in my handbag, ready for whatever the world can throw at me.


So there we have it, September’s Glossybox. What do you guys think of the contents this month? Let me know in the comments!


One thought on “September Glossybox Contents

  1. My mum got my lip liner too! She might end up with the brow product as well because it’s a bit dark for me, but overall I was happy with the box. I don’t think it’s a waste as long as you can find a home for the things that you won’t use. I got a body lotion instead of the mist.


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