Two Weeks of Wear: L’Oreal Primer, Foundation & Concealer


I don’t often buy a full face base from one brand. I’m the kind of person who will find a primer they like here, a foundation there, a concealer elsewhere, but as L’Oreal was on 3 for 2 at Boots, I took the plunge and bought primer, foundation and concealer.

I picked up the Infallible Pore Refining Primer and the True Match foundation and concealer, both in the shade 1R/C, Rose Ivory.

I had been wanting to try the True Match foundation for a while – I’m quite pale with pink undertones, and some foundations that claim to have ‘pink’ undertones are still quite yellow, I find. MAC NW10 and Revlon Colorstay in Ivory aren’t too bad, but I’d been curious about the Rose Ivory shade of True Match. I also wasn’t even aware there was a True Match concealer, so it made sense to try both.


I picked up the Infallible Pore Refining primer as well, because my pores are pretty big, and while I usually tend to nuke them with Clarins Perfecting Touch, that’s run out and the NYX primer I’m currently using isn’t that great at filling them in (it’s really hydrating but pore-filling? Not so much) so I needed a pocket-friendly pore filler.

I was hoping they would work well together, being from the same brand, so I decided to try them out for two weeks, wearing them every day.

And after two weeks, I have mixed feelings about the trio.

The primer, I wasn’t that impressed with. I don’t like the texture. It’s way too thin, and doesn’t fill in my pores as much as I’d like. It also doesn’t do much for makeup longevity, at least with the True Match foundation, so I think I’ll try it with the Revlon Colorstay and see what happens. It could be that they don’t actually work together that well, so I need to experiment with other foundations.

The True Match foundation is really nice. It’s a great shade, blends nicely with both brush and sponge and has a relatively good wear time. My blushes, bronzers and highlighters sat well on top of it, and I didn’t have to set it in place, which for someone with dry skin is always a bonus. I was worried that it would enhance the redness I have on my cheeks, seeing as it says it works with your skin tone, but it doesn’t. It’s a foundation I will be using over and over again, because I got so many compliments about my skin while I was wearing it. Confidence boost? Oh yes!

I just need to find the right primer for it. I haven’t tried it with the NYX primer or my Figs & Rouge one yet, but hopefully it will still be as good over the top of those. It lasts a work day (about eight hours), and then starts to give up the ghost – I had to reapply in some areas of my face before I met my friends for dinner one evening and it didn’t survive a post-work power walk. Admittedly I wasn’t using a setting spray so I could give the products a fair test, so I will try it with some MAC Fix+ and see how that goes.

I’m on the fence about the concealer. The shade is fine, I’m just not sure about the coverage. It didn’t crease under my eyes (always a bonus), but it’s in no way a spot concealer – it totally failed to hide a breakout I had last week. In fact the slight pink tone actually emphasised the spot, so I had to break out the Boing! from Benefit to hide that one. Again, it could be the way it reacted with the foundation, so I will need to try it with the Colorstay to get a good impression of it. It did a decent job on my undereye area, but again, it didn’t make me go ‘wow’, so I think I need to try it again.

So overall, I don’t think these three products work that well together as a trio. At least not for me – you may disagree. I want to try them on their own with other products I have to see if the way they interacted together was why I wasn’t so keen on the primer.

I also want to love the concealer more because the shade is so good. Hopefully it will sit well with my Revlon Colorstay and when I’m over this breakout (thanks hormones) I won’t need to cover mini volcanoes on my chin.

So I’ll split this trio up, try them on their own with other stuff, and report back.

Have any of you readers tried this trio? What did you think of the products? Did you try them together? Let me know in the comments!

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