31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 1

I need to get back into the swing of writing regular posts, so I found a 31 day blogging challenge on Pinterest and decided to run with it. Day 1 is an intro to me and a recent photo, so here we go!img_0294_facetune_28-12-2018-15-09-12

I would just like to say that this photo has been FaceTuned to all hell, so while it’s my face, it’s a slightly airbrushed version of me. I Tuned it because I had the zit from hell on my cheek, so yeah. It had to be done!

So who am I? Well, my name’s Victoria, I’m a mortgage administrator and I’m from Surrey, UK. I like cats, cars and clothes. I live with my mum, my aunt and my 92-year-old grandma.

I’ve been running this blog since 2017 and it was originally meant to be a blog all about my local area, but it’s turned into a sort of ‘everything’ blog, which is just fine! I would love to be a writer full time (which is why I started the blog, for practice) and I’m working on my first novel.

I’ve already had one article published here and I’m hoping to write more articles for magazines. I love to travel the UK and some of the places I’ve been are in the ‘Victoria Visits’ section of the blog. I’m hoping to get up to Scotland next year and spend a couple of weeks travelling around.

What else… oh yes, I’m the slave of a senior ginger tomcat who thinks he owns the place and his hoomans are just there to feed him and clean up his poop. Just kidding, I love him very much. I have a nut allergy, I’m the world’s worst vegetarian (but bacon!) and my favourite TV show is Criminal Minds. I have an irrational hatred of rocking chairs and ducks, can shoot a crossbow (or a longbow, I just prefer crossbows, they’re meaner) and know my way around a car engine.

I’m an Aries, my name means ‘Victory’, my family’s clan name means ‘war-like’, I’m an INTJ, and, according to a friend of mine who’s a psychology professor, that’s a perfect storm and I need a warning sign.

But I’m squishy as heck really, I love kittens and puppies and ponies, and have a rolling sponsorship of a Guide Dog. Our current puppy we’re sponsoring is called Eve, but in the past we’ve had Angel, Zac and Una.

I also have a serious makeup problem and not enough space to hold my collection.

So that’s me! Hopefully I can keep up with the daily posts all through March!

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