31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 2


Today’s post is ‘Ten Facts About me’ so here we go!

1. I’m scared of ducks

This is a bit of an odd fact. I don’t even know why I’m scared of ducks. I remember feeding them when I was little, and they’d eat out of my hand, so maybe one bit me and I don’t remember. It’s now manifested in an adulthood hatred of ducks. Unless said duck is cooked, served with hoisin sauce, pancakes and veggies.

2. I’m allergic to nuts

Not fatally allergic, but I do have a reaction. I’m a level 3 allergy on a scale of 1 to 6, according to my doctor, so I’m ‘enough of a bother to need allergy tablets but not bad enough for an Epipen’ allergic. All my good friends know where to find my tablets if I accidentally eat a nut. It’s happened. I count myself lucky I have such good, responsible friends.

3. I’m writing a novel

I am about three-quarters of the way done with my first novel! This is the story I started for my 2018 NaNoWriMo and it sort of… evolved. The characters decided they wanted to have more to do outside of fifty thousand words, so I let them. Current total word count is close to 80k and rising.

4. My favourite food is pizza

Why? Because pizza comes in so many varieties. Thin crust, thick crust, stuffed crust, crustless. Cheesy, no cheese, vegan cheese. Tomato base, bbq sauce base, white pizza. Meat, no meat, veggie… you can do anything with a pizza. Mmmm. Hungry now!

5. I can sort of play guitar

Heavy emphasis on ‘sort of’.

6. I really, really, really don’t like London

I live about half an hour outside of London on the train and yet I rarely go up there. I don’t like it because it’s loud, smells bad and there’s too many people for me to be comfortable. I don’t do well in crowds. And London at night is a whole ‘nother kind of horrible – I don’t feel safe. It’s always been like that for me, and it amuses me when I see romanticised versions of London on Pinterest and Instagram. It makes me want to send these people to certain bits of London that aren’t so romantic and touristy and then get them to report back.

7. …and yet I drove through London for charity

I did! A good few years ago I did a charity drive through the tunnels of London. It was kind of fun, and there’s video of my co-driver leaning out of the car and screaming NEEDS MORE DESU as we went through one of the tunnels. Hilarious. I think we were the slowest duo to complete the run, but it was fun, and if I still had a Japanese car I’d do it again.

8. I have some ‘psychic’ sensitivity

I’m not talking about I CAN SEE THE FUTURE but I am highly sensitive to ‘atmosphere’s and ‘energies’. There’s been a couple of times I’ve walked into somewhere, gone ‘hell no’ and turned right back around and walked out. We visited Mary King’s Close in Edinburgh and for no valid reason I suddenly got super-warm and got undressed down to my tank top. That would have come off too if Mum hadn’t stopped me. I was burning. And yet once we left that particular room, I was back to normal temperature again. It was a cold day in the middle of October so there was no reason for me to burn up. I wasn’t ill. And interestingly, the place I got all burned up was where people died of the Plague. So. Maybe I was feeling the heat of their fevers? I don’t know. I’ve also seen shadow people and we have a couple of entities in this house. They’re perfectly friendly, which is fine. I would like to explore my ‘sensitivity’ more but I’m also scared to.

9. I can visit somewhere once and then always remember my way around even if I don’t go there for years

This is a skill I am very proud of. I have this strange ability to know exactly where I am, even if I’ve only been somewhere once. I can mentally walk round Oxford in my head. I can direct people round Sheffield, despite only visiting there once every few years. I can recall with worrying accuracy the lane layout of the M6 toll road junction. It’s… I’m not sure if it’s a skill or something in my brain, but I am a useful person to have about. I can also do it with Google Maps – if I need to go somewhere, I’ll get down to Street View and then when I actually have to go to the physical place, I’ll know exactly where I’m going. This was useful before I got a car with a sat nav, and I will still make sure to look at Street View before I go anywhere just in case.

10. My favourite animals are otters

I love otters. They’re so cute. Who doesn’t love otters?!


So that’s ten facts about me! I’ll be back tomorrow with another post! I will not let this challenge defeat me.

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