31 Day Blog Challenge: Day 4


Today’s post is: Things I’m Afraid Of. Not afraid of the suitably spooky stock image, though.

Turning on a light switch in a thunderstorm.

This fear has some reasoning behind it. When I was in high school, there was a special assembly one day to tell us that a girl a few years below me (a junior, if I recall) had died.

By turning on the bathroom light just as lightning struck her house and being electrocuted.

Ever since then, I’ve been super paranoid about touching anything remotely electrical during a thunderstorm. As soon as I hear the first rumble of thunder I will turn off any electrical devices I have running and curl myself up in bed (with my blinds open so I can see the storm, I don’t hate storms, I just don’t trust them with electrical equipment). I will only turn stuff back on when I’m sure the storm has moved on. Lightning Maps is a great thing for me, I can browse it on my phone to check where the lightning strikes are and when they’ve moved off, I feel safe.

A weird fear, but a justified one. I know the girl died in an oddly specific accident but it really freaked me out. This was over twenty years ago and I still remember it.

People trying to jack my car at traffic lights.

Any time I stop at a set of lights, I will lock my car doors. I don’t have a particularly stealable car (I’m guessing a sensible Volvo isn’t at the top of the list for carjacking) but given how my town seems to have had a little spate of assaults and other violent incidents lately, I’m taking no chances. So I suppose this fear is a bit irrational.

Obviously if I’m on the open road with no people around, I won’t lock my doors. I’m not stupid – it’s unsafe and if I had an accident then the emergency services couldn’t get to me – and the likelihood of someone trying to carjack me at 70mph on the M25 is quite remote. Actually, getting up to 70 on the M25 is remote in itself, but that’s a whole ‘nother post…

My Crohn’s disease turning into cancer.

This is a legitimate fear. My family has a history of bowel problems, and my grandfather died of bowel cancer. I’ve got Crohn’s (yay) and I do worry that it could eventually escalate into cancer. But I’ve got a good doctor, so if there’s anything untoward, then I’m in good hands.


I am obviously afraid of more minor things. Spiders dropping on my head and the like – things most normal people are afraid of. I think these three are my biggest fears. Tell me some of yours in the comments!


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